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Student Learning Outcomes

Discipline: Nursing Certificate: LVN 30-Unit Option - Career Mobility Track - E1202
Course Name Course Number
Leadership in Nursing NURS 9
  • Student will demonstrate the ability to discuss, recognize and differentiate objectives of nursing leadership and management by end of the course.
Medical-Surgical Nursing: Circulation and Oxygenation NURS 8
  • Each student will demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the appropriate nursing intervention associated to the corresponding rhythm strip.
Medical-Surgical Nursing: Integration/Regulation NURS 10
  • Each student will demonstrate a complete neurological assessment by week-4 of the course.
Preceptorship in Nursing NURS 11
  • Students will successfully demonstrate high-quality patient centered care safely and accurately to include medication administration, head to toe assessment, and nursing interventions.
Psychiatric Nursing NURS 5
  • By week three of the course each student will complete a Full Psychiatric Assessment.