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Student Learning Outcomes

Discipline: Certificate: Baking and Pastry - N0455
Course Name Course Number
Artisan Bread CUL 117
  • Demonstrate steps to opening an artisan bakery
  • Differentiate flours
Baking and Pastry I CUL 105
  • List and describe the stages of the baking process.
  • Demonstrate techniques to apply visual appeal to plated desserts.
Baking and Pastry II CUL 106
  • Describe and demonstrate the mixing methods for various categories of cakes.
  • Prepare and evaluate a variety of pastries.
Food Safety and Sanitation HRM 52
  • Identify foodborne pathogen, their sources, and resulting illnesses, and symptoms.
  • Determine the presence of foodborne-illness outbreak.
Specialty Cakes CUL 118
  • Produce and design of a custom cake.
  • Create a production schedule, using the schedule produce a final product.
World Baking CUL 116
  • Create a region specific dessert menu
  • Produce Regional Recipe Packet