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Student Learning Outcomes

Discipline: Manufacturing Technology Certificate: Machine Operator - E0956
Course Name Course Number Objectives
Manufacturing Processes and Materials MFG 130
  • Student will develop G-code for computerized numerical control input from manual methods.
  • Student will transmit DNC (electronic transfer) code to CNC machines
  • Students will be able to compare properties of various materials
  • Students will be able to compare properties of various manufacturing processes
  • Students will be able to explain how a part was made and identify what it is made of
Introduction to MasterCAM MFG 180
  • Students will evaluate methods of transferring data from CAD/CAM computers to machine tool computers
  • Students will create two-dimensional product designs and machine them effectively
Manual Machining I MFG 150
  • Analyze and calculate machine settings for cutting screw threads.
  • Demonstrate the ability to setup a conventional lathe to machine a steel part.
  • Set up the lathe to face off and turn down a work piece to a specific diameter
  • Students will be able to square a vice to the machine table using a dial indicator
  • Students will be able to locate the correct position to drill a hole using an edge finder and digital readout
Manual Machining II MFG 155
  • Analyze and demonstrate ability to heat-treat alloy steels correctly
  • Demonstrate ability to perform basic mill set up and operation.