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Student Learning Outcomes

Discipline: Degree: AS - Registered Veterinary Technology - S0105
Course Name Course Number
Anat & Phys of Domestic Animals AGHE 86
  • Students completing AGHE86 will be able to describe the flow of blood through the body.
Animal Breeding ASCI 94 (VOC)
  • Course completers should be able to recognize major breeding systems for domestic animals
  • 70% of course completers will demonstrate with 70% accuracy, their understanding of the principles of genetic inheritance used in animal breeding.
Animal Handling and Restraint ASCI 51 (VOC)
  • Students completing this course will be able to demonstrate the correct restraint method for canine jugular venipuncture.
Animal Nutrition ASCI 2 (VOC)
  • 70% Students will demonstrate an understanding of nutritional requirements of various life stages of the canine with 70% accuracy.
Animal Sanitation and Disease Control ASCI 96 (VOC)
  • 75% of the students will be able to identify the poisonous agent of commonly poisonous plants with a 75% accuracy
Animal Science ASCI 1 (VOC)
  • Course completers should be able to identify the common species & breeds of livestock
Applied Animal Health Procedures AGHE 84B
  • At the completion of AGHE84B the student will be able to perform a jugular venipuncture on a food animal patient
Aviculture - Cage and Aviary Birds ASCI 76 (VOC)
  • Students will be able to explain and diagram the necessary aviary for a specific breed of bird.
Beef Production ASCI 30 (VOC)
  • Course completers should be able to identify all common beef breeds
Clinical Pathology AGHE 62B
  • 72% of Student will perform a complete urinalysis including a specific gravity, multi-reagent strip and sediment exam.
Clinical Pathology AGHE 62A
  • 72% Student will perform a proper direct and fecal float exam for parasite eggs
  • 72% of Students will properly perform a CBC with a differential slide
Exotic Animal Management ASCI 12 (VOC)
  • Students in the Exotic animal class will analyze and differentiate between the different types of pet reptile species and their species specific husbandry requirements.
Feline Management ASCI 72 (VOC)
  • Students will be able to identify fifteen purebred breeds of cats when given a slide show quiz, which will be evaluated by set criteria.
Horse Hoof Care ASCI 19 (VOC)
  • Students completing AGLI 19 will be able to identify various diseases of the foot.
  • Students completing ASCI 19 will be able to identify the major functional structures of the equine lower limb.
Horse Production and Management ASCI 16 (VOC)
  • 80% of students completing ASCI 16 will be able to identify common horse breeds with 75% accuracy.
  • Students completing ASCI 16 will be able to follow the vaccination schedule recommended by the American Association of Equine Practitioners.
Horse Ranch Management ASCI 18 (VOC)
  • Students completing ASCI 18 will develop a business plan outline for an equine-related business.
  • Course completers will develop and implement a health plan for a breeding program with the resources available.
Laboratory Animal Medicine and Care AGHE 79
  • Students completing this course will be able to properly demonstrate how to restrain laboratory rodents.
Medical Nursing and Animal Care AGHE 60
  • 75% Student will properly place a robert jones bandage for fracture splinting
Reptile Management ASCI 74 (VOC)
  • Students will present a 10 minute visual presentation on a specific reptilian disease in front of the class.
  • Students will be able to offer a presentation regarding one North American Reptile including habitat and characteristics.
Seminar in Registered Veterinary Technology AGHE 85
  • The students who successfully complete this class will pass the examinations
Sheep Production ASCI 17 (VOC)
  • Students completing AGLI 17 will present on a specific facet of the sheep industry.
  • Students will be able to identify major meat and wool breeds of sheep.
Surgical Nursing AGHE 61
  • 75% of the Students will properly connect and set up an anesthesia machine and monitor anesthesia for an 75 dog
Swine Production ASCI 14 (VOC)
  • 80% of course completers should be able to identify all common breeds of swine with a 70% accuracy.
Tropical and Coldwater Fish Management ASCI 73 (VOC)
  • Students will be able to identify 7 different species of fish (both tropical and coldwater).
Veterinary Office Procedures AGHE 54
  • Students completing AGHE 54 will be able to define medical terms used in veterinary medicine.
Veterinary Pharmacology AGHE 64
  • Students will correctly calculate 10 standard drug calculations used in the hospital situation
  • Student will identify the different trade names of different generic drugs
Veterinary Radiography AGHE 65
  • Students will perform a proper radiograph of the canine thorax, including measurement, collimation and viewing
Work Experience in Animal Health AGHE 83A
  • Students of the Registered Veterinary Technology Program will demonstrate professional conduct in the industry