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Student Learning Outcomes

Discipline: Degree: AS - Horse Ranch Management - S0102
Course Name Course Number
Animal Breeding ASCI 94 (VOC)
  • 70% of course completers will demonstrate with 70% accuracy, their understanding of the principles of genetic inheritance used in animal breeding.
  • Course completers should be able to recognize major breeding systems for domestic animals
Animal Nutrition ASCI 2 (VOC)
  • 70% Students will demonstrate an understanding of nutritional requirements of various life stages of the canine with 70% accuracy.
Animal Sanitation and Disease Control ASCI 96 (VOC)
  • 75% of the students will be able to identify the poisonous agent of commonly poisonous plants with a 75% accuracy
Artificial Insemination of Livestock ASCI 97 (VOC)
  • Course completers will be able to demonstrate the proper procedural steps for artificial insemination of cattle and successfully complete the AI technique.
  • Course completers will be able to describe the proper procedural steps of artificial insemination for cattle, dogs, horses, sheep, and swine.
Horse Behavior and Training ASCI 20 (VOC)
  • Students completing ASCI 20 will understand how horses learn.
  • Course completers will describe correct methods for handling horses.
Horse Hoof Care ASCI 19 (VOC)
  • Students completing ASCI 19 will be able to identify the major functional structures of the equine lower limb.
  • Students completing AGLI 19 will be able to identify various diseases of the foot.
Horse Production and Management ASCI 16 (VOC)
  • 80% of students completing ASCI 16 will be able to identify common horse breeds with 75% accuracy.
  • Students completing ASCI 16 will be able to follow the vaccination schedule recommended by the American Association of Equine Practitioners.
Horse Ranch Management ASCI 18 (VOC)
  • Course completers will develop and implement a health plan for a breeding program with the resources available.
  • Students completing ASCI 18 will develop a business plan outline for an equine-related business.
Landscape Construction Fundamentals AGOR 71 (VOC)
  • Identify and correctly use the proper tool needed for landscape projects. Understand basic electrical concepts for low voltage landscape lighting projects
  • Students will prepare site and properly install bricks on sand for a walkway project.
Principles of Business BUSM 20 (VOC)
  • I am able to describe and explain social responsibility and business ethics
  • I am able to explain the global dimensions affecting businesses today and in the future
  • I am able to list and explain the foundations upon which business is built and the economic challenges facing the United States
Small Business Management BUSM 66 (VOC)
  • I am able to describe business planning for small business
  • I am able to discuss the marketing research process
  • I am able to discuss the legal forms of business ownership
Small Engine Repair I AGOR 53 (VOC)
  • Students completing the course will learn engine disassembly, evaluation of components, and reassembly of small air-cooled gasoline engine