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Student Learning Outcomes

Discipline: Aircraft Maintenance Certificate: Aircraft Powerplant Maintenance Technology - Day - T0982
Course Name Course Number
Aircraft Airframe Maintenance Structures AIRM 66A
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to calculate layout, form and rivet aluminum structures.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to disassemble, inspection and service aircraft components.
Aircraft Maintenance Electricity and Electronics AIRM 70A
  • Students will build an electrical kit.
  • Students will be able to select and use proper size wire
Aircraft Maintenance Electricity and Electronics AIRM 70B
  • Students will understand current flow in an alternating current circuit
Aircraft Maintenance Electricity and Electronics AIRM 70A
  • Student will demonstrate how to properly measure volts, amps and resistance using a DMM.
  • Student will perform calculations utilizing Ohm's law..
Aircraft Powerplant Systems AIRM 65B
  • Students will define the operation of common aircraft engine instruments.
  • Students will perform an inspection of an engine fire detection system per industry standards.
  • Students will define the function and operation of the magneto system
  • Students will evaluate the flow of electrons through an aircraft alternator system.
  • Students will properly inspect an aircraft carburetor in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
  • Students will define the purpose of aircraft fuel system components.
  • Students will define the function of lubrication system components.
Aircraft Powerplant Technology AIRM 65A
  • Students will evaluate the effects of atmospheric conditions on engine output.
  • Students will prepare, operate and evaluate the performance of an aircraft engine.
  • Students will repair propeller blade damage and properly document the repair.
  • Students will define the common blade pitches of propellers.
  • Students will perform and record precision measurements of engine parts and components.
  • Students will identify which the purpose and content of various aircraft maintenance publications.
  • Students will perform and document a recip. engine overhaul to FAA standards.
  • Student will define the theory of the Otto engine cycle and the Brayton engine cycle.
Aviation Materials and Processes AIRM 72
  • Students will define sizing, materials and correct application of various aircraft fittings, tubing and hoses.
  • Students will accurately locate, drill and tap machine threads in aluminum.
  • Students will be able to perform heat treating processes on metals.