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Student Learning Outcomes

Discipline: Certificate: CIS Professional in Python Programming - M0675
Course Name Course Number
Advanced Programming in Python CISP 74
  • Design web scraping applications
  • Select appropriate data structure and algorithm to a given programming situation.
  • Design web applications
Advanced Programming in Python Laboratory CISP 74L
  • Select appropriate data structure and algorithm for a given programming situation.
  • Create web applications.
  • Scrap the web.
Programming in Python CISP 71
  • Write, organize, and assemble program documentation.
  • Design programs leading to reusable code through the concepts of encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.
  • Recognize and appropriately use Python packages.
  • Evaluate appropriate use of abstract classes, methods, or both as they apply to inheritance.
  • Apply the most current version of event handlers and methods to projects.
  • Utilize the appropriate programming constructs including selection, sequence, and iteration in programming projects.
  • Incorporate exception handling in Python projects.
Programming in Python Laboratory CISP 71L
  • Evaluate when to use various Python constructs for decision-making (if and switch statements), iteration
  • Create object-oriented programs in Python.
  • Create user interfaces with various components and incorporate event handling.