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Student Learning Outcomes

Discipline: LAC - Instructional
Course Name Course Number
Basic Math Skills Review LERN 48
  • Students will be able to apply strategies for learning math.
Improving Writing Skills LERN 81 (VOC)
  • Students will increase how much they value writing and be able to be able to articulate the value of writing in their lives by making real world connections.
Introduction to Tutoring TUTR 10A (VOC)
  • Students will be able to identify at least three ways to promote active learning with students in tutoring sessions.
Math Skills Review LERN 49
  • Using a 3-point rubric constructed by LAC Math Faculty, more than 60% of the students will earn an average score of at least 2. Also, less than 20% will score 1 in any of the three categories.\t
  • Students will be able to solve multi-step problems using more than one approach.
Tutoring as a Supplemental Instructor TUTR 10C (VOC)
  • Students in TUTR10C will be able to obtain feedback about a Supplemental Instruction session plan and incorporate that feedback into a second session.
Tutoring in Mathematics TUTR 10D (VOC)
  • Tutors who take TUTR 10D will be able to apply questioning strategies to promote active learning.
  • Tutors who take TUTR 10D will be able to explain math concepts in multiple ways.
Tutoring in the English Language TUTR 10B (VOC)
  • Students will observe and write up their observations of effective tutoring processes and areas that could be addressed.
  • Utilizing techniques discussed in class, each student will attempt to handle a contentious tutoring session example.
  • In the diagnostic in the first class session, each student will self-identify an area of mechanical (grammar\/punctuation) weakness.