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Student Learning Outcomes

Discipline: Continuing Education: Adult Basic Education (ABE) Unit
Course Name Course Number
Adult Basic Education BS ABE02
  • Students will be able to determine central ideas of a text.
  • Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing.
  • Students will demonstrate basic reading comprehension skills through identifying main ideas, making inferences, reading for meaning, and proper sequencing of events.
  • Students will apply basic computational skills to convert and compare fractions, decimals and percents.
All Subject Tutoring BS TR01
  • Seventy percent of students will agree (or strongly agree) that they developed an awareness of their own writing process.
  • 2. Students will improve their strategies for academic success in writing.
Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery ASVAB
  • Students will solve simple and multi-step word problems involving ratios, proportions, and averages for technical applications as needed to demonstrate proficiency on the ASVAB.
  • Students will be able to apply context clues to identify word meanings.
Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery 2 ASVAB 2
  • Students will solve measurement problems using geometric shapes and formulas as needed to demonstrate proficiency on the ASVAB.
  • Students will be able to evaluate algebraic expressions containing exponents, radicals, roots, and polynomials for technical word problems.
Biology Basic Skills BS BIO50
  • Students will be able to apply memorization techniques to help them recall their course contents.
  • Students will be able to create at least 4 creative flashcards to help them with their course contents.
Career Development BS ABE05
  • Students will complete the Career Occupational Preference Survey (COPS) and the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) assessments to evaluate their career interests and personality type. 75% of Students will complete both assessments and develop educational goals.
  • Students will be able to construct a professional resume.
  • Students will demonstrate appropriate interview strategies.
Career Info and Guidance BS ABE01
  • Students who take the ESL CAP Test will complete a Noncredit Student Educational Plan (NSEP) that will outline ESL courses to advance through the program.
  • Students will be able to link student services information with their future career and academic goals.
Financial Database Management 1 VOC FDB 1
  • Students will create, edit, and delete customers and transactions.
  • Students will be able to produce reports to express information.
  • Students will create a database and enter data in tables.
  • Students will enter a bill and then record making a payment for it in bookkeeping software.
Financial Database Management 2 VOC FDB 2
  • Students will create accounts and enter data to record physical inventory transactions using financial software.
  • Students will use software to create customers, vendors, and transactions (invoices, payment, and\/or bills).
  • Students will modify forms and reports in financial and database software.
  • Students will create a PivotTable and PivotChart to represent and interpret data.
High School Algebra 1 BSHS ALG1
  • Student will be able to graph and compute the x and y intercepts. Define the region of the linear inequality.
  • Student can multiply and divide polynomials involving multiple steps.
  • Students will pass the final exam.
High School Algebra 2 BSHS ALG2
  • Solve quadratic equations by factoring, completing the square, or quadratic formula
  • Determine the maxima, minima, and zeros of the function from the graph of the quadratic function.
  • Simplify logarithmic numeric expressions
  • Add, subtract, multiply and divide complex numbers
High School Art & Creative Expression BSHS ART1
  • Students will write a formal critique of a work of art.
  • Explore careers in the field of art and design
High School Art 2 BSHS ART2
  • Create a work of art that reflects a feeling or point of view.
  • Using contemporary technology, design a work of art.
High School Biology BSHS BIO
  • Students will be able to categorize cells as prokaryotic, eukaryotic, animal, or plant and explain the structure and function of each cell and its components.
High School Chemistry BSHS CHEM
  • Students will pass the final exam.
  • Students will be able to use an atomic model to describe the structure of the atom, the location and characteristics of subatomic particles, and the location of valence electrons.
High School Civics\/American Government BSHS CIV
  • Students will analyze U.S. Supreme Court interpretations of the Constitution and its amendments.
  • Students will analyze the roles and responsibilities of the three branches of government as established by the U.S. Constitution.
High School Computer Technology BSHS CPTC
  • Students will pass the final exam.
  • Create a new word processing document using at least 16 devices and modifications (insert table, picture, clip art, shapes, chart, header, footer, page number and text boxes; modifications to margins, orientation, size, page color, columns, spacing and page borders, etc.)
High School Earth Science BSHS EASC
  • Explain evidence for, the theories of , and the mechanisms of plate tectonics.
  • Describe the structure of solar system.
High School Economics BSHS ECON
  • Students will be able to analyze key economic indicators (unemployment, GDP growth, CPI, etc).
High School English 1 BSHS ENG1
  • Students will pass the final exam.
  • Students will analyze a document to determine the key influences and effectiveness.
  • Students will construct an essay with all necessary components.
High School English 2 BSHS ENG2
  • English 2 students will effectively construct an essay with all necessary components based on the California State Standards.
High School English 3 BSHS ENG3
  • Students will effectively construct a persuasive essay with all necessary components.
High School English 4 BSHS ENG4
  • Students will effectively construct an essay with all necessary components.
  • Students will compose focused and coherent presentations that convey clear and distinct perspectives and solid reasoning
High School Geography BSHS GEOG
  • Students will pass the final exam.
  • Analyze various regions of the earth and locate both physical and political representations on a map.
  • Analyze the human bearing on the earth including the diversity of cultural mosaics, patterns of settlement, and the use of resources.
High School Geometry BSHS GEOM
  • Students will pass the final exam.
  • Given two similar triangles, utilize principles of similarity and congruence to calculate the unknown sides of a triangle.
  • Given a parallelogram with interior lines and the measures of certain angles, calculate unknown angles using geometric properties and theorems that involve parallel lines cut by a transversal.
  • Students solve problems with circles for area, lengths of arcs, degree measures of angles and their related arcs, and lengths of line segments (radii, chords, secant lines, tangents, and diameters).
  • Compute areas for basic polygons - squares, rectangles, parallelograms, triangles, and trapezoids.
High School Health BSHS HLTH
  • Students will pass the final exam.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of a nutritionally balanced diet.
  • Students will present a persuasive solution to the problem of alcohol, tobacco, or one other drug used among people. (presentation, report)
High School Literature and Writing Fundamentals 1 BSHS WRIT1
  • Students will be able to evaluate presentations and determine the elements needed in a professional or academic presentation.
High School Literature and Writing Fundamentals 2 BSHS WRIT2
  • Students will write a compare and contrast essay.
  • Students will create and deliver presentations\/
High School Music Appreciation BSHS MUSC
  • Analyze the role of music in past and present cultures throughout the world.
  • Summarize musical careers; including those in radio, television, and advertising.
High School Physical Science BSHS PHSC
  • Students will pass a cumulative course exam (midterm, final)
  • Differentiate between metals, metalloids, non-metals, and halogens.
  • Distinguish between various forms of energy.
High School Planning and Guidance BSHS PLNG
  • Students will create an educational plan
  • Identify career values, goals, skills, interests and personality types and relate them to jobs or career fields
High School Pre-Algebra BSHS PREA
  • Students will solve problems involving rational numbers.
High School Sociology BSHS SOC
  • Students will analyze social roles and social groups.
  • Students will pass a final course exam.
High School Spanish 2 BSHS SPN2
  • Narrate an anecdote or a story using verbs in the present, preterit, imperfect, and future verbs
  • Narrate an anecdote or a story using verbs in the present, preterit, imperfect, and future
  • Correctly use tu vs. usted when writing sentences, phrases and questions that could be used in formal and informal conversations.
High School Study Skills BSHS SSK
  • Students will identify their own individual learning style and describe strategies maximize learning.
High School United States History BSHS USHS
  • Students will pass the final exam.
HS Integrated Math 1 BSHS INMA1
  • Students will be able to create, solve, and reason with equations and inequalities.
HS Integrated Math 2 BSHS INMA2
  • Prove triangles similar and examine similarities in right triangles.
  • Add, subtract, multiply, and factor polynomials
HS Integrated Math 3 BSHS INMA3
  • Use exponents to solve logarithmic equations and logarithms to solve exponential equations.
  • Describes and compare sets of data using various statistical measures.
  • Students will be able to read narrative and expository texts using active reading strategies: connect, predict, question, clarify, and evaluate.
HS Spanish for Native Speakers 2 BSHS SPNS2
  • Write an essay using a variety of verb tenses (present, preterit, imperfect, future, conditional, and subjunctive).
HSE Preparation - Mathematics BS HSEMA
  • Students will be able to apply use critical thinking skills to solve multiple-choice math word problems.
  • Students will write and simplify ratios and proportions.
  • Students will solve simple and multi-step mathematical word problems.
HSE Preparation - Reasoning through Lan High School Equivalency BS HSERL
  • Students will construct an effective extended response to a prompt.
  • Students will be able to determine central ideas of a text.
HSE Preparation - Science BS HSESC
  • Students will draw scientific conclusions from charts, tables, graphs, maps and figures.
  • Students will describe the earth’s structure, weather, resources and their influence on human life.
  • Students will describe the solar system.
  • Students will be able to apply knowledge of the relationship between mass and acceleration to determine force.
HSE Preparation - Social Studies BS HSESS
  • Students will interpret historical texts, charts, tables, maps, photographs and cartoons
  • Students will explain how people change the Earth's physical geography
  • Students will recall and identify key facts of United States and world history from course readings.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of economic definitions to determine best practices for setting and meeting responsible financial goals.
Learning Support Laboratory BS LRN50
  • Students will develop skills for using computer-based resources to successfully complete academic\/vocational assignments.
Math for Prep for BSTEM Success BS MPSTM
  • Students will be able to solve algebraic expressions and graph inequalities.
Personal Computer Applications BS LRN06
  • Students will answer questions regarding best practices for gathering relevant information from the internet and assessing the credibility, accuracy, and safety of sources.
  • Students will Integrate and present information using software.
  • Students will modify spreadsheets by adding text, data, formulas and functions, charts, graphics and\/or lists.
  • Students will create a variety of documents using document processing software, (i.e., formatting techniques, tables, graphics, layout and editing techniques).
  • Students will demonstrate skills in WORD that will benefit personal, career, and college advancement.
Short Term Review BS LRN01
  • Students will be able to develop a clear thesis that directly responds to the sample prompt and refers to the main topics of the essay’s body paragraphs.
  • Students will develop clear and focused paragraphs and essays
Transitional Math for Health Careers BS HCM1
  • Students will complete faculty created conversion review quiz.
  • Students will be able to calculate dosages using dimensional analysis from word problems on a test.
  • Students will apply and extend previous understanding of operations with fractions to add, subtract, multiply, and divide rational numbers in preparation for calculations in the health field.