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Mt. SAC Emergency Alert

Alert: Mt. SAC is transitioning online. CLASSES will resume online after March 28. Instructors will communicate next steps to students. OFFICES are shifting to remote services as well. Learn more about our COVID-19 response at

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Student Learning Outcomes

Discipline: Certificate: GED Preparation - H7001
Course Name Course Number Objectives
HSE Preparation - Mathematics BS HSEMA
  • HSEstudents will apply basic number properties to charts and graphs.
  • Students will solve simple and multi-step mathematical word problems.
  • Students will write and simplify ratios and proportions.
HSE Preparation - Reasoning through Lan High School Equivalency BS HSERL
  • Students will apply the writing process to produce a 1-2 page essay.
  • Students will demonstrate proficiency in drawing comparisons between two texts and making inferences.
  • Students will revise documents.
  • Students will construct an effective extended response to a prompt.
HSE Preparation - Science BS HSESC
  • Students will draw scientific conclusions from charts, tables, graphs, maps and figures.
  • Students will describe the solar system.
  • Students will describe the earth’s structure, weather, resources and their influence on human life.
HSE Preparation - Social Studies BS HSESS
  • Students will interpret historical texts, charts, tables, maps, photographs and cartoons
  • Students will recognize key facts of United States and world history in texts.
  • Students will explain how people change the Earth's physical geography