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Student Learning Outcomes

Discipline: Administration of Justice Degree: AS - Correctional Sciences - S2103
Course Name Course Number Objectives
Administration of Justice Report Writing ADJU 68 (VOC)
  • Students will be able to discriminate relevant elements of a report narrative.
  • Students will be able to prepare and write a basic search warrant
  • Students will provide the necessary documentation and structure for a crime report.
  • 60% of students score 70% or higher on a crime report, documenting a given crime scenario Schedule:
Gangs in the Community/Corrections ADJU 59 (VOC)
  • Students will describe prevention techniques used to address community and prison based gang activity.
  • Students will describe suppression techniques used to address community and prison based gang activity.
  • Demonstrate how to identify and document a criminal street or prison gang member in compliance with federal and state law
  • Explain the difference between a criminal street gang member, a prison gang member, and a member of a disruptive group
Introduction to Correctional Sciences ADJU 10 (VOC)
  • Students will compare the duties of probation officers and parole agents
  • Students will define the duties of the courts at the county, state, and federal levels and relate those duties to the tasks of corrections.
Narcotics Investigation ADJU 38 (VOC)
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of the safe handling and processing of evidence
  • Students will describe the methods for incorporating search and seizure into a successful narcotics investigation.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of controlled substances
  • Discuss the impact of drug related current events on various communities
  • Demonstrate understanding of objectives symptoms of drug use
  • Demonstrate knowledge of drug prevention and treatment programs
Principles and Procedures of the Justice System ADJU 2 (VOC)
  • Students will demonstrate understanding of the Social Contract Theory and the role it plays in society.
  • Identify statutory and constitutional law related to arraignments
  • Discuss parole and probation adjudications
  • Discuss legislative change to parole and probation in California
  • Students will identify the purpose and need for Criminal Procedures.
  • Students will identify the purpose and need for Criminal Procedures.
Principles of Investigation ADJU 20 (VOC)
  • Students will be able to compare and contrast different interview and interrogation techniques.
  • Students will be able to define profiling and recognize where and how it is appropriately applied.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the constitutional limitations to search and seizure
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to read body language during interrogations
The Administration of Justice System ADJU 1 (VOC)
  • Students will understand the three components of the Criminal Justice System.
  • Students will identify the concept and importance of Jurisdiction in the Criminal Justice System.
  • Analyze the impact of legislation on the criminal justice system
  • Demonstrate understanding of how the police department conduct impacts their relationship with the community and the media
  • Analyze the political issues associated with managing priorities within the criminal justice system