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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Construction Fabrication and Construction Welding
Course Number: WELD 80 (VOC)
  • Apply welding skills in required practical projects. (MO)
  • Demonstrate proper and safe usage of welding equipment. (MO)
  • Accurately measure to one sixteenth of an inch. (MO)
  • Differentiate the theoretical knowledge necessary to run various electrodes and filler metals using the welding processes presented in the class. (MO)
  • Identify materials used in construction and fabrication industry and select the correct filler metals for welding and joining. (MO
  • Apply principles of identifying base metals and carbon contents of materials used in welding. (MO)
  • Anticipate and solve problems in project fabrication. (MO)
  • Student will be able to select the correct welding applications and processes. (SLO)
  • Students will be able to apply the principles of layout and blueprint reading. (SLO)
  • Students will demonstrate welding skills to industry standards. (SLO)