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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Print Reading and Computations for Welders
Course Number: WELD 60 (VOC)
  • Identify and define print notes and specifications. (MO)
  • Students will be able to identify print views, lines and dimensioning methods
  • Interpret detail and assembly prints. (MO)
  • Create objects from print drawings. (MO)
  • Illustrate revolved sections of objects. (MO
  • Assess bills of materials, weights and lengths of materials. (MO)
  • Calculate with fractions, decimals, and metrics by converting and manipulating. (SLO/MO
  • Recognize and identify structural and pipe shapes and sizes. (MO)
  • Demonstrate concepts of views by sketching objects. (MO)
  • Students will be able to calculate with fractions, decimals, and converting between metric and standard units of measure.