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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Welding Metallurgy
Course Number: WELD 53A (VOC)
  • Students will run hardness tests and other assessments means to understand how grain structure relates to strength and ductility of metals.
  • Describe nature of metals and the relationship between their structural and mechanical properties. (MO)
  • Describe effects of alloying metals in relationship to a welding procedure. (MO)
  • Examine the purpose of pre- and post-heat treatments on welded metals. (MO)
  • Compare and contrast the cause of deformation on welded metals. (MO)
  • Recognize effects of alloying materials in ferrous and non-ferrous metals. (MO)
  • Identify crystal structure of metals and their changes in heat treatment processes. (MO)
  • Utilize metallurgy tools and equipment as a means of determining weld soundness. (SLO/MO)