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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Basic Electric Arc Welding
Course Number: WELD 51 (VOC)
Course Objectives:
  • Use and interpret reference charts to select filler material. (SLO/MO)
  • Demonstrate and describe how to set electric arc welding machines using gas metal arc, shield metal arc, gas tungsten arc and the flux cored arc welding processes. (MO)
  • Demonstrate daily maintenance of a safe work place environment. (MO)
  • Use a vocabulary of terms and conditions related to the welding trades. (MO)
  • Explain and demonstrate safe and efficient operation of welding equipment. (SLO/MO
  • Apply safety principles in arc welding procedures. (MO)
  • Calculate times required to complete quality welding used with the electric arc welding processes. (MO)
  • Each student will demonstrate knowledge of which process is most commonly used for different aspects of the welding and what advantage it will provide to that aspect of the industry
  • Utilize different types of power sources used for welding in shield metal arc, gas metal arc, gas tungsten arc and flux cored arc welding processes. (MO)