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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Introduction to Theater Arts
Course Number: THTR 9
  • Students who complete THTR 9 will be able to do a critical analysis of theatrical performances.
  • Identify the chain of command in various theater models.
  • Analyze playscripts using conventional concepts like genre, style, and structure.
  • Distinguish job responsibilities of all areas of theater.
  • Identify design concepts such as balance, color and rhythm and evaluate their use by theater designers.
  • Evaluate how a given production relates to the text of the playscript.
  • Identify the various architectural forms of theater and their influence on production.
  • Identify the historical placement of key theatrical movements.
  • Analyze how theater is affected by its audience.
  • Evaluate how theater reflects the time and place in which it is created.
  • Students will be able to give a deep definition of "theater" and the concept of "suspension of disbelief."