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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Technical Theater Practicum
Course Number: THTR 18
Course Objectives:
  • Create the necessary paperwork for successful completion of the assigned theater job.
  • Describe the job responsibilities of all areas in the rehearsal and performance process.
  • Students who complete THTR 18 will feel they have improved their skills in one of the stagecraft disciplines.
  • Students who complete THTR 18 will appreciate the necessity of self-motivation and self-discipline when working on a theater production.
  • Develop a good work ethic that stresses the importance of punctuality, reliability and working under strict deadlines.
  • Demonstrate the work procedure and precautions necessary for maintaining safe theater environments.
  • Solve construction problems as they arise.
  • Interpret verbal instructions and work drawings in order to complete job assignments.
  • Set up lights and/or sound for theatrical productions.
  • Construct scenery, props and/or costumes for a theatrical production.
  • Describe the nature of working on technical preparations under circumstances that mirror a professional scene shop.
  • Describe the total construction process and the need for collaboration among the various disciplines.
  • Recognize and practice the protocol for backstage etiquette.