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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Acting for the Camera
Course Number: THTR 17
  • Students completing THTR 17 will demonstrate the skills needed to successfully audition for a television commercial.
  • Students who complete THTR 17 will demonstrate knowledge of common terms and activities used when acting in a single-camera or multicamera TV shoot.
  • Analyze principles and examples of acting for film and television.
  • Explain professional acting skills in the film and television modes.
  • Analyze the relationship of the actor to the producer, director, agent, and manager in the film and television profession.
  • Evaluate and apply specific and appropriate acting techniques to varied types of film and television scripts.
  • Synthesize required techniques for use in auditioning, cold reading of script, script analysis and interpretation, and on-camera acting practices.
  • Evaluate performance of self and others to assess developmental principles in acting.