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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Video Engineering
Course Number: R-TV 41
  • Meet the criteria to apply for an internship or apprenticeship, specific to the field of Video Engineering in either a broadcast or film production company; where knowledge and technical skill are demonstrated by the students final test scores .
  • Students will be draw a high-level functional block diagram of a video system necessary to produce a live program for broadcast and\/or streaming.
  • Students will be able to diagnose and resolve issues with video appliances according to prescribed trouble shooting method.
  • Identify the characteristics of a file based asset and set the parameters of either a software application or a hardware appliance for the media's import into a system.
  • Identify the parameters necessary for the compression of baseband audio and video assets, for either live streaming or to set an appliance for the recording of content to match given set of deliverables parameters.