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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Remote Multicamera Production
Course Number: R-TV 21
Course Objectives:
  • All RTV program students will have an increased awareness of skills required for full-time work in the entertainment industry.
  • All upper level RTV program students will know how to assess their own skills for potential career paths.
  • Direct crew in a multicamera shoot.
  • Set up remote production equipment, including video cameras, power supply, sound recording, and video recording equipment without prompting or other assistance.
  • Operate all equipment in remote production truck including special effects generators, computer graphics units, slow-motion controllers, video recorders, audio mixer boards, and video cameras.
  • Create computer graphics for identification, titling, and credit sequences.
  • Use video engineering devices in synchronizing video and audio signals in a remote multicamera setup.
  • Diagram and design remote video recording setups for various situations, including sporting events, theatrical events, community events, and film style shoots.