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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Calculus and Analytic Geometry
Course Number: Math 181
Course Objectives:
  • Use power series in applications.
  • Determine representations of functions as power series including Taylor and Maclaurin series.
  • Test for convergence for sequences and series using the integral, comparison, alternating series, ratio, and root tests.
  • Plot curves parametrically and in polar coordinates, using calculus to compute associated areas, arc-lengths, and slopes.
  • Solve separable differential equations with applications.
  • Evaluate indefinite and definite integrals (proper and improper) using integration by parts, trigonometric identities and substitutions, partial fractions, tables, computer algebra systems, and numerical techniques.
  • Differentiate hyperbolic functions and integrate functions that result in hyperbolic forms.
  • Use definite integrals to calculate areas between curves, volumes - including solids of revolution, work, the mean value of functions, arc lengths, areas of surfaces of revolution, moments, centers of mass, and other physics applications.
  • Students will feel that mathematics is a beneficial part of their education
  • Math students feel they have the resources necessary for their success.
  • Students can apply the definite integral to applications.
  • Students can integrate algebraic and transcendental function using a variety of techniques