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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Collegiate Chorale
Course Number: MUS 30
  • Students will gain experience recognizing common musical elements (pitch identification, dynamics, and articulation) through music preparation.
  • Demonstrate skills in basic elements of vocalizing, including blend, balance and solfeggio.
  • Demonstrate skills in effectively blending with other voices in section.
  • Demonstrate skill in harmonizing with other voices in the ensemble.
  • Differentiate tone colors to express correct meaning of words in text.
  • Exercise skill in watching and following the conductor.
  • Memorize selected works to be performed by the choir.
  • Prepare and perform a selected solo.
  • Define key musical terms.
  • Student will be able to name the notes as indicated on the music staff in both the treble and bass clefs.
  • Student will be able to hold his\/her own part in multi-part harmony, as selected from the ensemble's concert repertoire, when asked to perform in scheduled parts tests. A minimum of 80% accuracy of pitch and rhythm is expected when tested.