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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Rock Music History and Appreciation
Course Number: MUS 15
Course Objectives:
  • Students who complete MUS15 will be able to identify the rock style of each of three pieces of music when one minute from each piece is played in class during the final exam.
  • Identify important writers and producers of rock music.
  • Understand and identify the African and European influences that came together to establish Rockabilly.
  • Students will be able to analyze whether folk music is a medium that is at its best when being expressed through challenging periods (like the '60s) or whether it is music for all time.
  • Students who complete MUS 15 will be able to identify the solo or featured musical instrument when one minute of each of two recordings including those instruments are played in class during the final exam.
  • Evaluate the sociological trends as reflected in musical styles and song lyrics.
  • Synthesize the different musical genres that came together to create rock music, including blues and country, and discuss the continuing influences of those styles on current music.
  • Identify various people important in the creation of rock music and the musical instruments they play(ed).
  • Define the musical characteristics such as form and instrumentation of various different rock styles.