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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: MUS 106 Western Music History II: 1750 to Present
Course Number: MUS 106
  • to accurately describe developments in music history by relating them to cultural, social, scientific, and\/or economic circumstances of the period
  • MUS 11B students will be able to identify the solo or featured musical instrument when one minute of each of two recordings including those instruments are played in class.
  • MUS 11B students will be able to identify the style period (classical, romantic, and 20th\/21st centuries) during which each of three pieces of music was composed when one minute from each piece is played in class.
  • describe the use of text painting in a song by relating specific musical elements to textual ones.
  • Define technical musical terms and make use of those terms in written reports.
  • Analyze basic elements of musical sound such as rhythms, melody, tonality, and harmony as those elements apply to Western music in the 19th and 20th centuries as well as non-western music that influenced that music.
  • Distinguish different instrumental timbres.
  • Analyze and evaluate the structure and form of the music being studied.
  • Synthesize the contributions of important composers and assess ways in which their context affected their music.