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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Microbiology
Course Number: MICR 22
  • Explain the basic features of every group of microorganisms.
  • Apply physical and chemical methods of controlling microorganisms.
  • Describe the physiology and genetic processes of microorganisms.
  • Demonstrate safe handling and proper hazardous waste disposal procedures for microorganisms and chemicals used.
  • Perform basic microbiology lab procedures using appropriate PPE required for this laboratory course.
  • Diagnose specific diseases on the basis of symptoms and laboratory test results.
  • Explain the dynamics of host-parasite interaction.
  • Demonstrate how to properly use the compound light microscope, as well as know its parts, their functions, how to safely transport and clean it.
  • Analyze, using student’s own experimental design, effective hand washing.
  • Perform aseptic transfer techniques and interpretations of laboratory results.