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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Nursing Care of the Developmentally Disabled Person
Course Number: MENT 72
  • Identify industry-standard methods and techniques for treatment plan development using principles of behavior modification and positive behavior support. (mo)
  • Student completing MENT 72 will design behavior plans.
  • Student completing MENT 72 will demonstrate effective intervention using a behavior plan.
  • Student completing MENT 72 will evaluate results of a behavior plan
  • Develop patient-specific Individual Program Plans (IPPs). (mo)
  • Contrast human development norms with the developmentally disabled. (mo)
  • Describe normal sexuality and issues related to individuals diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities. (mo)
  • Explain and demonstrate use of various types of adaptive equipment. (mo)
  • Identify principles of sensorimotor training and integration. (mo)
  • Define normalization protocols. (mo)
  • Describe treatment protocols for various etiologies, with a "risk vs. benefit" analysis for each intervention. (mo)
  • Describe "person-centered" attitude and approaches to training. (mo)