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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Business Practices for Interior Design
Course Number: ID 37
  • 1. Develop flow charts of the design process. 2. Write estimates and prepare orders for purchase of interior design furnishings, finish materials and products, and installation. 3. Write and utilize change orders, transmittals, letters, design concept statements, report and flow charts. 4. Evaluate and write material and products specifications. 5. Identify legal issues that impact an interior designer. 6. Generate client records, orders, and correspondence. 7. Demonstrate an awareness of professional image. 8. Define and utilize legal, business and accounting terms used in the practice of interior design. 9. Analyze and calculate methods of compensation. 10. Develop a client budget and plan in response to budgetary constraints. 11. Define and apply ethical practices required of a professional interior designer. 12. Develop a business plan.
  • Students will successfully use critical thinking to research elements of a business plan
  • Students will successfully compose a business plan accurately based on required contents.
  • Students will successfully demonstrated craftsmanship skills through the presentation of a business plan.