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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Interior Design Studio I
Course Number: ID 29
  • Students will successfully design a space based on a concept.
  • 1. Utilize design process to integrate design concepts and develop solutions for design projects. 2. Design and draw floor plans. 3. Determine relationships of design elements and principles in conceptual two-dimensional and three-dimensional design and interior spaces. 4. Synthesize legal code requirements and universal design in planning interior spaces. 5. Use CAD computer technology. 6. Select and utilize appropriate equipment and materials for design projects. 7. Apply color theories and systems to design projects. 8. Select and coordinate interior furnishings, finishes, and materials. 9. Present projects that reinforce concepts orally, graphically and in writing. 10. Demonstrate time management skills.
  • Students will successfully demonstrate craftsmanship skills in the presentation of a space.
  • Students will successfully meet program requirements.