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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Space Planning for Interior Design II
Course Number: ID 26
Course Objectives:
  • 1. Evaluate user needs and wants to develop appropriate space plans. 2. Define interior spaces based on end user needs and ADA requirements. 3. Plan adjacencies and describe how one space relates to another. 4. Develop traffic flow, work flow or paper flow through an interior space to suit user need. 5. Construct matrixes, schematic diagrams and study models to illustrate knowledge of space planning principles. 6. Measure interior spaces, furniture, and equipment. 7. Explain design ideas through scaled design drawings, plans, and other two- and three-dimensional designs. 8. Propose design concept statements using graphic solutions and oral presentations in a professional format. 9. Evaluate and apply codes and regulations to space planning projects.
  • Students will successfully research to assess an existing space.
  • Students will successfully demonstrate craftsmanship skills through implementing drawing graphic standards in planning a space.
  • Students will successfully use critical thinking to implement code requirements into planning a space.