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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: World History: Early Modern to the Present - Honors
Course Number: HIST 4H
  • Students completing relevant assignments in Area D2 courses will analyze the relationship between social, political, and/or economic institutions and human behavior
  • Students completing an assignment in Humanities Area C will be able to identify the influence of culture on human expression
  • Students will be able to identify through analysis the role of institutions (religious, political, economic, social, educational, etc.) in the development of World cultures.
  • Students will be able to identify and evaluate major agents of change/reform in World History
  • Students will identify the global history of the environment and human use of natural resources that have led to contemporary sustainability concerns. (PLO 1, 6)
  • Students will recognize and articulate the role of Eurocentrism in historiography and understand the factual based corrections of contemporary scholarship. (PLO 4,5)
  • Students will recognize and articulate the diversity of human cultural expression, such as religion, ethnicity, race, language, sex, orientation, and gender, by comparing different historical perspectives in global history. [PLO 1,5]
  • Students will compose logically organized, argument-driven historical analysis that are informed by secondary sources and justified by references to primary sources [PLO 1,2,3,4]