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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Geospatial Concepts
Course Number: GEOG 9
Course Objectives:
  • Compare and contrast commonly used locational systems and datums
  • Categorize map projections based on their ability to preserve map conformality and equivalence
  • Describe the size, shape and other geophysical properties of Earth.
  • Outline the development of cartography and mapping techniques
  • Distinguish among characteristics of remotely sensed data, sensing platforms, and aerial image analysis
  • Outline the key components and uses of a geographic information system (GIS)
  • Assess how maps can be used to mislead, entice, restrict, control, and propagandize
  • critique a map on its ability to communicate qualitative and quantitative information through its use of symbolization, color, layout, orientation, scale, texture, classification schemes, and other cartographic elements
  • Identify and interpret spatial patterns and relationships
  • Justify the use of certain map types for particular geographic applications
  • Differentiate map feature generalization operations and evaluate their potential consequences
  • Interpret topographic representations on maps to identify physical geographic features and land forms
  • Utilize the tools and methodologies used in navigation
  • Measure distances and areas from maps based on indicated scale