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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Basic Fire Academy
Course Number: FIRE 86
Course Objectives:
  • Assess fire prevention, how to protect of life and property, and hazardous materials procedures. (MO)
  • Students will be able to pass the State Firefighter 1 written and manipulative skills certification exam.
  • Describe educational requirements, duties, and information sources for various occupations in fire protection. (MO)
  • Analyze and describe differences between certificate, two-year, and four-year degree programs, and state certification. (MO)
  • Develop skills in: managing hose, using fire-fighting hand tools, knot-tying for hoisting and securing, and using power tools, the Hurst tool, jaws of life, generators, and power saws. (MO
  • Analyze relationships between fire prevention efforts and resulting reduction of life and property loss. (MO)
  • Define and describe the purpose and scope of fire departments. (MO)
  • Identify basic components of fire as a chemical reaction, the major phases of fire, and the main factors that influence fire spread and fire behavior. (MO)