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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Building Construction for Fire Protection
Course Number: FIRE 4
  • Identify firefighting practices and procedures that have developed for different types of construction. (MO)
  • Demonstrate fire inspection practices that are applicable to individual buildings. (MO)
  • Define flame spread, its hazards, contributing factors and possible solutions. (MO)
  • List and compare the structural members on various types of construction. (MO)
  • Differentiate between the loads that are placed on a building and describe each type of load.
  • Analyze, prepare, and present building construction systems that include building materials, occupancy requirements, and occupant and fire safety. (MO)
  • Students will understand five types of building construction. (SLO)
  • Students will understand the dangers of light-weight building construction. (SLO)
  • Identify building design, materials, systems and their relationship to fire behavior and potential structural failure.
  • Describe building construction as it relates to firefighter safety, building codes and inspections, fire prevention, and firefighting strategies.