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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Fire Protection Equipment and Systems
Course Number: FIRE 3
Course Objectives:
  • Explain the application, use and maintenance of portable fire suppression systems.
  • Describe the types, and the design of fire detection and alarm systems, and the codes and standards that regulate them.
  • Compare heat and smoke detection devices and hardware. (MO)
  • Compare detection, alarm, and supervisory devices and systems. (MO)
  • Identify types, components, and operation of automatic and special sprinkler systems. (MO)
  • Describe the required care and maintenance for portable and fixed fire protection systems. (MO)
  • Analyze, prepare, and present diagrams of fire protection systems that demonstrate complete knowledge of residential, commercial, and industrial, sprinkler systems. (MO)
  • Students will understand the five fire protection systems. (SLO)
  • Students will identify types of standpipe systems and water supply requirements. (SLO)