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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Fire Protection Organization
Course Number: FIRE 1
  • Define the field of fire protection technology.
  • Identify the types of common fire department apparatus, equipment, and personal safety equipment used for firefighting. (SLO)
  • List the educational requirements, duties, and information sources for various occupations in fire protection. (SLO)
  • Define terms, equipment, facilities, and emergency management systems associated with fire service and public safety originations.
  • Describe the history, functions, culture and development of local, state, and federal public safety, and emergency s organizations.
  • Compare and contrast the relative effectiveness of positions in the fire department and their function using paramilitary structure.
  • Explain the importance of fire behavior (chemistry) and how it relates to fire extinguishment. (MO)
  • Describe the overall problems of fire in the United States compared to other countries. (MO)
  • Describe career opportunities in fire protection and related fields. (MO)