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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Humans and the Environment Laboratory
Course Number: BIOL 6L
  • Analyze the ecological principles presented in a variety of environmental articles.
  • Assess the potential problems of abused ecosystems and describe these problems.
  • Summarize the characteristics of California native plant communities.
  • Students will learn ecological principles, differentiate which ecological principles relate to specific ecological situations inspected in lab and determine the relevance of environmental science to their daily lives
  • Examine the process of energy production from waste resources.
  • Select appropriate ecological principles from the textbook and integrate these principles in preparing written field notebooks.
  • Illustrate a flow chart of an urban water reclamation plant.
  • Analyze and evaluate the pros and cons of resource recycling.
  • Examine and evaluate the biological and social values of the Mt. San Antonio College Wildlife Sanctuary and other ecological reserves.
  • Summarize and evaluate critical ecological concerns along the Southern California coast.
  • Analyze information and describe the effects of nuclear weapons on the abiotic and biotic environment.