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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Humans and the Environment
Course Number: BIOL 6
  • Evaluate the task of moving from simplistic, linear thinking to circular, cybernetic thinking that is harmonious with the ecological cycles that sustain us.
  • Evaluate the "J"-shaped curves of increasing population, natural resource use and pollution with respect to their ability to disrupt the earth's life support system.
  • Evaluate the concept of carrying capacity as it relates to the earth's resources and matter recycling systems.
  • Contrast the laws of matter and thermodynamics and assess their connections to pollution.
  • Examine the differences between a frontier society and a sustainable earth society.
  • Illustrate the basic ecological concept that everything living and non-living is interconnected.
  • Students will learn ecological principles, differentiate which ecological principles relate to specific ecological situations inspected in class and\/or determine the relevance of environmental science to their daily lives
  • Integrate ecological principles into everyday thought and apply them to decision- making.
  • Appraise the complexities of the biological and environmental problems confronting humans.