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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Conservation Biology
Course Number: BIOL 25
  • Differentiate between biosphere reserves, national parks, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands, national forest lands, and national wildlife refuges in terms of management philosophies and objectives.
  • Determine, from sample sets of data, the relationship between habitat island size and the degree of isolation on extinction rates.
  • Apply current theories of genetics to illustrate problems with inbreeding and small population sizes.
  • Compare and contrast similarities and differences between laws that apply to national parks and laws that apply to multiple use public lands.
  • Apply principles of the design of nature reserves to the Mt. SAC Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Participate in a group project that requires verbal presentation of a topic related to natural resource conservation.
  • Integrate principles of ecology to explain relationships between habitat loss and extinction.
  • Describe the relationship between the illegal trade in the wool of the Tibetan antelope and the illegal trade in tiger parts from India used for traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Analyze the significance of biodiversity to ecological function.