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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Introduction to Astrophysics
Course Number: ASTR 11
  • Course outcome is to be determined. One or more of the CMOs will be selected to develop SLOs. MEASURABLE OBJECTIVES 1. Calculate the color and luminosity of a star based on its temperature. 2. Explain the physical processes that produce blackbody radiation and emission/absorption lines. 3. Explain the connection between fundamental properties of stars including luminosity, temperature, and mass. 4. Classify types of binary systems and calculate stellar masses using orbital properties 5. Explain the effect that interstellar gas has on the observed spectra of stars. 6. Explain the physical changes in a star as it evolves into its post-main sequence life. 7. Measure dark matter fractions and discuss evidence for supermassive black holes using galaxy rotation curves. 8. Explain current and historical theories of cosmology. 9. Summarize recent extrasolar planet discoveries and calculate properties of extrasolar planets10.
  • Students will successfully complete research project and present.