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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Drawing: Perspective
Course Number: ARTD 16
  • Use perspective in a variety of quick freehand sketches\/drawings for visual notes, extended personal studies, and as a basis for planning larger extended works of art.
  • Create original drawings that interpret three-dimensional objects and space using perspective principles and techniques.
  • Create original drawings using rendering techniques including lighting, shade and shadow, and texture.
  • Create original drawings that interpret organic forms using perspective principles and techniques.
  • MO 5. Analyze objectively and subjectively historical and contemporary works of visual art for their use of linear and atmospheric perspectives to organize subject, form and compositional elements of drawing and painting.\t
  • Outcome\/Objective\nStudents will be able to create drawings using techniques that demonstrate a clear\nunderstanding of atmospheric perspective.
  • Identify and discuss perspective techniques and drawing terminology in evaluative oral and written discussions, analysis and critiques.