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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Special Projects in Anthropology
Course Number: ANTH 99
Course Objectives:
  • Become familiar with safety precautions specific to the materials being used (if relevant to the project).
  • Meet self-imposed interim and final deadlines.
  • Apply peer-reviewed sources to the project; for example, incorporating published methods into the project.
  • Evaluate peer-reviewed sources for their relevance to the project.
  • Plan a feasible project focused on one topic (such as a research method or region) from one of the regular anthropology courses.
  • Use the library to locate relevant peer-reviewed sources about the project.
  • Establish a contract with a specific plan for completing the project, including interim due dates.
  • Enhance proficiencies in project-related skills.
  • Learn and follow ethics guidelines for research with human subjects (if relevant to the project).