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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Advanced Principles of Animation
Course Number: ANIM 109
  • Demonstrate line clean-up skills.
  • Anim 109 students will be able to successfully execute the advanced "Principles of Animation."
  • Outcome/Objective Students will be able to render a convincing 'walk cycle' to a given character.
  • Demonstrate in between drawing analysis and execution.
  • Interpret timing sheets.
  • Outcome/Objective Students will be able to demonstrate ?line clean-up? by taking rough pencil sketches and transforming them to final inked drawings.
  • Develop and render advanced character movements through cycles of walking, running, throwing, and anticipation.
  • Translate storyboards to layout drawings for staging and key posing of character animation.
  • Animate drawings with arc, squash and stretch, timing, follow-through, overlapping action, and drag.