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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Drawing Fundamentals
Course Number: ANIM 104
  • Perceive, comprehend, interpret, and invent imagery
  • Draw in a variety of technique.
  • Discuss, analyze, and evaluate personal, contemporary and historical art works and their place in visual and commercial arts using art terminology for content, technique, and style in both written and oral critiques.\n
  • Students will be able to create illusions of three-dimensional forms using the rules of light logic.
  • Create original drawings using design and composition concepts.
  • Apply visual concepts of format, negative and positive shapes, form, shadow, light, value and basic linear perspective in drawings.
  • Sketch or draw complex objects gesturally as basic or modified basic shapes and form to solve complex composition problems
  • Create sketches and finished drawings which demonstrate the capacity to perceive, comprehend and interpret the three-dimensional world using various media and techniques.
  • Observe and analyze individual form as seen volumetrically in space and structure that form as part of the whole pictorial composition.
  • Analyze drawings in oral or written critique using design and composition concepts
  • Utilize original and creative thinking in projects and writings such as the keeping of a visual and\/or written journal.
  • Synthesize the formal art elements and principles with the observed world in varying compositional formats.