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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Unmanned Aircraft Systems Advanced
Course Number: AERO 210
Course Objectives:
  • Plan an unmanned aircraft mission and demonstrate safe launch of an unmanned aircraft in simulated or actual conditions
  • Analyze go versus no-go launch decision making scenarios using decision making factors such as weather, software and hardware status, global positioning system (GPS) status and reliability, radio frequency interference, and other sources of information that affect the ability to operate safely.
  • Demonstrate dynamic re-planning of an unmanned aircraft flight in simulated or actual conditions.
  • Evaluate and summarize a federal aviation administration or national transportation safety board unmanned aircraft accident report.
  • Evaluate Federal Aviation Administration crew resource management techniques and aeronautical decision-making practices, and apply the safety principles to unmanned aircraft operations.
  • Categorize capabilities and limitations of original manufacturer software for unmanned aircraft, and compare those capabilities and differences against after-market software for unmanned aircraft.
  • Identify operational differences in fixed wing versus multi-rotor unmanned aircraft operations.
  • Summarize the roles of the remote pilot in command versus other required crewmembers.
  • Analyze a case study of operating within restricted airspace taking into account the regulations for procedures for city, county, state, or federal stakeholders or agencies.
  • Plan geospatial mapping mission using a fixed wing or multi-rotor unmanned aircraft and demonstrate the capture of data in simulated or actual conditions.