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Student Learning Outcomes

Course Name: Aviation Weather
Course Number: AERO 102
  • Appraise cause and effect of evaporation, saturation, condensation, and precipitation on atmosphere's water cycle.
  • Students will be able to decipher Federal Aviation Administration hourly airport weather observations (METAR) and terminal aerodrome forecasts (TAF).
  • Correlate and summarize the aviation weather conditions and forecast for a specific location on a particular day using U.S. Low-Level Significant Weather Prognostic Chart, High-Level Significant Weather Prognostic Chart, and the Radar Summary Chart.
  • Encode and decode hourly surface weather observations; and decode pilot reports, terminal forecasts, area forecasts, winds aloft forecasts, and meteorological advisories.
  • Relate differences in true altitude, actual altitude, indicated altitude, and pressure altitude.
  • Identify layers of earth's atmosphere and determine height and at least one characteristic of each layer.