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106 Tania Anders hosts A SUSTAINABLE CAMPUS: The Climate Action Plan with Chisa Uyeki & James Stone Tania Anders, Chisa Uyeki, and James Stone Episode 106 Audio | Duration 33:24 Episode 106 Transcript We have our second installment of our new miniseries led by Tania Anders, all about the topic of sustainability on campus. And in today’s episode we learn about the CAP which is the Climate Action Plan with Chisa Uyeki and James Stone.  Chisa said it best when she said so much has been accomplished towards sustainability efforts but at the same time there is still so much more to be done.


*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.

Sustainability, Mt. SAC: Our Campus January 12, 2020
Tania Anders hosts A SUSTAINABLE CAMPUS: Visible & Invisible Sustainability Explained by Mika Klein
Tania Anders and Mika Klein Episode 105 Audio | Duration 35:09 Episode 105 Transcript
We want to kick off 2021 with an important and amazing new mini-series lead by Tania Anders the campus’ first sustainability coordinator and you may have guessed it, this series is focused on Sustainability efforts on campus.

In this episode, Tania has an inspiring conversation with Mika Klein, who is Mt. SAC’s Senior Facilities Planner and also a licensed architect about the many efforts towards a more sustainable campus. It is amazing what is already in motion as well as what has been accomplished on campus. 

Sustainability Webpage
Mt. SAC Climate Action Plan (CAP)
EFMP Webpage
Campus Construction
*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.
Sustainability, Mt. SAC: Our Campus                                    January 5, 2020        
Happy Holidays From Mt SAC + Season 5 in 2021 Announced! 
Christina Barsi Episode Audio | Duration 2:00 Episode Transcript
All of us at The Magic Mountie podcast want to send you a big Happy Holiday’s and a big thank you to you the listener, and to all of you who have come on as guests to share the many changes and good work your departments are doing or just to share a message that needed sharing. 

The podcast will officially be on break for the holidays and you can expect new episodes first thing in 2021 on January 5th.

The best way to make sure you’re receiving all of the wonderful episodes featuring your colleagues and students is by subscribing on your devices’ podcast app. Once you do, it will automatically notify you when we have something new to share!

Enjoy your holidays and we will see you in the New Year!
*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.
Mt. SAC Community December 15, 2020
104 Presenting the Canvasadors: Bridging the Information Gap Between Student & Campus Mt. SAC Canvasadors: Jose Gutierrez, Kat, Will,   Episode 104 Audio | Duration 24:27 Episode 104 Transcript
"Adjusting and trying to make sure that all of our students are equally accounted for in getting the same information so they can all have an equal chance to succeed. That was definitely one of our major, major goals. Making sure everything was accessible the same way and everything was just as understandable."

There have been a lot of opportunities where help was needed this year and though this initiative wasn’t born out of the pandemic, it sure came in handy once everything went online. I’m talking about a special student services job called The Canvasadors. Listen in to learn more about what they do, how they help build bridges between students and all things campus related and who they are.

Instagram: @canvasadors
Twitter: @canvasadors

Check out there link tree for quick access to video tutorials & more

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.
Mt. SAC Community, Students in Conversation   December 8, 2020 
103 ACCESS Universal Design with Julie Cortez Julie Cortez Episode 103 Audio | Duration 30:01 Episode 103 Transcript

In this episode Sun Ezzell talks with Julie Cortez, who works at Access as a writing strategy professor. She shares some ideas and steps we can take to create strategies in the classroom to be an effective student. She emphasizes that “The goal for Universal Design or UDL is to be inclusive and the way we do that is to take baby steps”.

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.

Teaching with Technology, Teaching and Learning Online, Resources for Faculty, Resources for Adjunct Faculty, and Pedagogy

December 1, 2020
102 The Power of Your Story Can Change A First Generation Student's Life Yadira Perez and Victor Rojas Episode 102 Audio  |  Duration 29:00 Episode 102 Transcript

How do we create language around discovering our first generation population at Mt SAC as well as a consistent definition of what it means to be a first gen college student? Well, Yadira Perez, Program Specialist for the Aces program and Victor Rojas who oversees the Trio programs has created an initiative to try to answer those questions. And if there’s one thing you takeaway from this episode, it’s to know that your story has power and by sharing it, you might be providing the motivation that a student needs to keep going. 

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.
Equity, Mt. SAC Community  November 24, 2020
101 Aiming for Completion, Creating A Transfer Sending-Culture At Mt. SAC Alana Bachor Episode 101 Audio | Duration: 23:53 Episode 101 Transcript

Mt Sac is known for a lot of amazing things and students come here for so many diverse and inspiring reasons, in fact, they love it so much that sometimes it makes it hard for a student to leave. So finding ways to make the transfer process easier and more informed is what this episode is all about.

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.
Mt. SAC: Our Campus November 17, 2020
100 Celebrating 100 Episodes With Student Voices Various  Episode 100 Audio | Duration 24:53 Episode 100 Transcript

We have a very special show for you today. In honor of our 100th release we’ve created a compilation of some of our favorite episodes that feature the students of Mt. SAC. From Veterans to bus riders, from summer school hustlers to Catalina Island speech hikers, from the Pride center to Access and the Dream program, we bring a fun and touching overview of the last 100 episodes of those voices that speak to the Mt. SAC experience best…the students.

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.
Mt. SAC Community, Students in Conversation November 10, 2020
099 Reimagining Your Recharge with Mt. SAC Student Health Services Livier Martinez and Tim Leslie Episode 99 Audio  |  Duration: 38:29 Episode 99 Transcript

Ever wonder why you’re not feeling rested or how you can get better sleep? Well we have some surprising answers for you that Livier Martinez and Tim Leslie from Student Health Services share during this episode that could change not only how you feel as you go through your day but also might increase the quality of your productivity. You may want to write this down. So get comfy, use this listening time as a moment of self-care and enjoy.

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.
Health and Wellness                November 3, 2020
098 Breaking Equity Barriers with Eric Lara, Associate Dean for Student Success and Equity Eric Lara Episode 98 Audio  |  Duration: 22:30 Episode 98 Transcript 

Ever wonder if the word diversity might be too broad to describe a gap you want to close? What terms should we be using and what do they really mean? In this episode Eric Lara the Associate Dean for Student Success and Equity breaks these things down for us as well as highlights the centers and programs at Mt SAC that are designated in helping achieve equity on campus. 

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.
Equity October 27, 2020 
097 Chaotic Times Call For Mindful Measures: The Mt. SAC Health Center Offers Support Sun Ezzell Episode 97 Audio  |  Duration 19:10 Episode 97 Transcript

Sun Ezzell hosts a conversation between Gary Vasquez, a licensed clinical social worker and Diana Chou with a background in clinical psychology who both work with the student health center. They share with us explanations as to what we might be experiencing during this chaotic time and how we can be mindful of what our needs are. 

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.
Health and Wellness, Mt. SAC Community October 20, 2020 
096 One Book One Campus: Connection & Community with Herschel Greenberg Herschel Greenberg Episode 96 Audio | Duration: 27:22 Episode 96 Transcript

As we know community and connection this year has become  especially needed and we have had to find unique ways to find it, in this episode Herschel Greenberg talks about how One Book One Campus can be a way to connect and find community. The selection this year is The House On Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. I hope you enjoy this discussion on how the book was selected, how it’s being used and how you might connect with the One Book One Campus community. 

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.
One Book, One Campus, Mt. SAC Community  October 13, 2020 
095 What’s New and Exciting at the FCLT Michelle Newhart, Eva Figueroa, and Hugo Aguilara Episode 95 Audio | Duration: 31:46 Episode 95 Transcript We checked in with FCLT or Faculty Center For Learning Technology back in early May, episode 78 if you haven’t listened yet, and a lot has changed, like the fact that the FCLT has been awarded not one but two Burning Bright Awards for the amazing work they’ve done this year during a time that is inexplicably difficult, with one of those awards going directly and deservingly to Hugo Aguilera. 

Though the core of FCLT hasn’t changed…like their innovative and supportive methods in guiding faculty in designing curriculum and offering support with technology based tools. It’s pretty amazing what this team has accomplished this year. So let’s jump in and learn more about what they’ve created since the last time we checked in earlier this year with Michelle Newhart, Eva Figueroa and Hugo Aguliera. 

FCLT Resources
Other Canvas Faculty Resources
Canvas Student Resources
*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.
Teaching with Technology, Teaching and Learning Online, Resources for Faculty October 6, 2020 
094 GOOD GRIEF! Defining & Working With Grief with Andrea Torres & Dr. Seth Meyers Andrea Torres and Dr. Seth Meyers Episode 94 Audio  |  Duration: 30:33 Episode 94 Transcript
Special guest host Andrea Torres, professor, counselor & mindfulness guide at Mt. SAC talks with Dr. Seth Meyers, licensed clinical psychologist at Mt. SAC on the topic of grief. As Dr. Seth Meyers tells us "grief is an emotional reaction to loss" and we discover through the conversation that we are all experiencing some form of it this year due the many challenges of 2020. One thing to remember is that you're not alone and we're all in this together. 
Stages of Grief:
  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance 
Resources mentioned:
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross:
Check out her book On Death & Dying
Check out the EKR Foundation
*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.
Health and Wellness September 29, 2020 
093 Lianne Greenlee, Director of Professional & Organizational Development: Title V Grant Put To Work!  Lianne Greenlee Episode 93 Audio | Duration: 25:14 Episode 93 Transcript
Lianne Greenlee, Director of Professional & Organizational Development, also known as POD talks with our host Sun Ezzell about the many projects and people leading and creating these projects that are being funded by the Title V Grant, many of which are equity focused opportunities. 
Learn more by visiting:
*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.
Title V Grant, Resources for Faculty  September 22, 2020 
092 How To Best Connect Students with Basic Needs Support Resources

Koji Useugi, Dean of Student Services, Rigo Estrada, Basic Needs Coordinator, Pauline Swartz, Library Faculty and Basic Needs Committee Faculty Co-Chair

Episode 92 Audio | Duration: 28:18  Episode 92 Transcript  Koji Uesugi, Dean of Student Services, Rigo Estrada, Basic Needs Coordinator, and Pauline Swartz, Library faculty and Basic Needs Committee Faculty Co-chair, join us today for a very important discussion about Basic Needs. 
In 2016 and 2018, more than 40,000 students at 57 California Community Colleges responded to The Hope Center's #RealCollegeSurvey about student experiences of college life.  50% of respondents reported food insecurity in the past 30 days, 60% reported housing insecurity in the previous year, and 19% reported being homeless in the previous year. 
Mt. SAC has a range of Basic Needs support available, including CalFresh, the Mountie Fresh Food Pantry, Housing Referrals, the Laptop Loaner program, and more. 
We know that faculty play an important role in connecting students to Basic Needs support, so thanks for joining us today to learn more about the resources available to support the health, wellness, safety, and academic success of your students.
Please encourage your students to participate in the California Community Colleges #RealCollegeSurvey this fall. The better we understand students' experiences in college, the better we can work together to support students in their academic and life journeys. 
Some Basic Needs Resources:

Contact Estrada Rigo if you are a student wanting a consultation.

Instagram: @mtsacbasicneeds 

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.

Equity, Health and Wellness, Basic Needs Support September 15, 2020
091 Classified Professionals Role in Achieving Institutional Equity with Dr. Frank Harris III - Part 2 Dr. Frank Harris III Episode 91 Audio | Duration: 35:37 Episode 91 Transcript
If you missed CPD Day, this part 2 episode features the second half of keynote Dr. Frank Harris’ talk called “the critical role of classified professionals in student success and achieving institutional equity.” There’s also a great Q & A at the end so stick around for that but first Dr. Frank Harris expresses that the “goal is to account for the factors that influence community college student’s success, which can be thought of as the experiences and dispositions towards education that a student brings with them.” 
*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.
Equity, Classified Professional Development Day September 8, 2020
090 Classified Professionals Role in Achieving Institutional Equity with Dr. Frank Harris III - Part 1  Dr. Frank Harris III Episode 90 Audio | Duration: 29:28 Episode 90 Transcript
In today’s episode, we bring you Part 1 of a very special Classified Professional Development Day keynote speech by Dr. Frank Harris III on “the critical role of classified professionals in student success and achieving institutional equity.”   
Classified professionals are likely to not only be the first point of contact for new students but also the ones to to engage with them in a moment of crisis, or provide connection, encouragement and support that is often critical in whether a student takes that next step in their education.
We spend some time becoming aware of what stage of growth we are at within our OWN education around equity, how to hold each other accountable and what we can start to pay attention to in order to become better advocates for the student. The challenges that we continually address like basic needs support and digital equity are now escalated during this time of the Corona Virus pandemic and if you didn't get to attend CPD Day, Part One of Dr. Harris' talk can help us all begin to reassess what it means to be equity minded during this time. Enjoy. 
*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.
Equity, Classified Professional Development Day September 1, 2020 
089.5 Bonus Episode A Mindful Guided Meditation with Andrea Torres Andrea Torres 89.5 Bonus Episode Audio | Duration: 15:23 89.5 Bonus Episode Transcript
We have a special guided meditation episode for you led by Andrea Torres. Professor Torres is a counselor and certified mindfulness teacher at Mt SAC.  
If you can, we recommend that you listen with headphones on so you can fully immerse yourself into relaxation. So get comfortable and enjoy.
*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.
Health and Wellness  August 25, 2020
089 Easy Mindfulness Practices with Andrea Torres Andrea Torres Episode 89 Audio | Duration: 25:42 Episode 89 Transcript
We talk with Mt. SAC Professor, Counselor, and mindfulness meditation facilitator Andrea Torres. Thanks for joining us as Andrea shares the story of her journey to mindfulness meditation, some ideas for developing your own practice, and some of her favorite resources for further exploration.  
I felt calm and peaceful after just a few moments of talking with Andrea. So I hope you feel the same!  
And for some additional calm & peace we even have a special guided meditation companion episode also led by Andrea so be sure to listen to that next, if you haven’t already. 
Books mentioned in this episode:
*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.
Health and Wellness  August 25, 2020
088 Connecting With Nature Part 3: Yolanda Haro Episode 88 Audio | Duration: 28:54 Episode 88 Transcript

Welcome back to the third and final episode of our summer mini-series on nature. In this episode we continue a conversation that we started last summer with Yolanda Haro. Yolanda shares how noticing, enjoying, and caring for the natural world around us can be part of a repertoire of healthy and compassionate self-care practices. So, find a comfy spot, take a deep calming breath, and let’s get started!

References Mentioned:

(*the Magic Mountie Podcast & Mt. SAC are not affiliated and does not endorse any of these products or beliefs but they are listed here only as a reference to support the conversation in this episode) 

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.

Health and Wellness, Sustainability and Nature

July 28, 2020

087 Connecting With Nature Part 2: Lance Heard Episode 87 Audio | Duration: 32:00 Episode 87 Transcript

Welcome back to our summer mini-series on nature! In this episode we continue a conversation with Lance Heard that we started last summer. Lance shares some ideas for staying connected to nature in our increasingly online work lives, guides us through how to forest bathe--and why--, and walks us through some of his favorite resources for discovering more about the natural world around us. So put on your forest bathing shoes, and let's get started! 

Resources mentioned in this episode & more:

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant. 

Health and Wellness, Sustainability and Nature July 21, 2020
086 Connecting With Nature Part 1:  Sun Ezzell, Jared Burton Episode 86 Audio | Duration 32:02 Episode 86 Transcript

Most of us have been working from home for about 4 months due to the corona virus. Many of us have spent more time than ever before at home. Maybe you’re growing a veggie garden or taking time to watch the sunset — or noticing a lot more bird activity in your neighborhood recently.  This week our host Sun Ezzell checked in with Jared from last summer’s nature mini-series. He shared some bird watching tips, some thoughts about how connecting with nature connects us with our communities, and some resources for learning more about the natural world around us. Put on your bird watching hat and let’s get started!  Check out Bird Notes PodcastWatch Jason Ward on TopicRead Wishtree by Katherine Applegate 

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.

Health and Wellness, Sustainability and Nature  July 14, 2020
085 Creating Space For Student Voices Amy Truong Episode 85 Audio | Duration 19:15 Episode 85 Transcript

Mt. SAC student Amy Truong shares with us her journey at Mt. SAC while she prepares to transfer to UC Davis, what it means to lean into available resources, groups and clubs on campus and how powerful the student voice actually is in creating tangible change to better serve the student population.  

Follow Associated Students of Mt. SAC on Instagram: @mtsacas

Follow Mt. SAC Inter-Club Council on Instagram: @mtsac_interclubcouncil

For info on The Mt. SAC Associated Students visit:

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.

Students in Conversation July 7, 2020
084 Academic Support & Achievement Center: Creating A Virtual Culture To Serve Students Sun Ezzell, Kristina Alvarado-Grassman, Gizelle Ponzillo Episode 84 Audio | Duration: 43:02 Episode 84 Transcript

Host Sun Ezzell talks with Kristina Alvarado-Grassman, Director of ASAC and Gizelle Ponzillo, supplemental instruction coordinator about the changes in operations after moving all resources and functions online and the importance of maintaining the culture of the center while operating virtually. With serving students at the core of the academic support & achievement center, Kristina, Gizelle and their colleagues have taken great care in creating as seamless a transition as possible.

Visit the ASAC Website

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.

Academic Support, Teaching and Learning Online  June 30, 2020
083 The Writing Center: Fostering A Sense Of Community David Charbonneau, Nicole Blean, and tutor Jackie Episode 83 Audio | Duration: 42:10 Episode 83 Transcript

David Charbonneau, Nicole Blean, and long-time tutor Jackie from the Mt. SAC Writing Center share how the Writing Center is supporting students during this time of online learning and social distancing. They talked about the journey of moving a Writing Center online, the discoveries they made along the way, and how those discoveries are fostering connections with students.

Visit The Writing Center's Website

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.

Academic Support, Teaching and Learning Online June 23, 2020
082 Mt. SAC: United Against Racism Sun Ezzell, Chisa Uyeki, Lance Heard, Kelly Rivera Episode 82 Audio | 24:49 Episode 82 Transcript

Host Sun Ezzell talks with the President Chisa Uyeki, Vice President Lance Heard, and Vice President-Elect Kelly Rivera of the Academic Senate to discuss the college’s commitment to affirming that Black Lives Matter, the actions that our campus is going to take moving forward, and the role of the Academic Senate in doing this crucial work.

Other Magic Mountie Episodes in Support:
  • FLEX Your Equity Approach With Dr. Frank Harris Episode 60
  • FLEX Strategies To Address Inequity In The Classroom With Dr. Frank Harris Episode 63
  • Dr. Frank Harris was the Keynote speaker for Mt. SAC’s Fall 2019 Flex Day. Dr. Harris and Dr Wood’s Racial Equity and Education certificate programs are designed to provide college educators with an introduction to racial microaggressions and unconscious bias and their numerous manifestations in educational settings. These programs offer both live sessions with CORA facilitators and opportunities to dialogue with your Mt. SAC certificate program cohort and are open to all Mt. SAC faculty, classified, and managers. You can learn more, and register, on the POD Connect Calendar.


 Mt. SAC Counseling Services: 909.274.4380
Mt. SAC Student Health Services: 909.274.4400Need help? 
Text COURAGE to 741741 In Crisis? Text HELLO to 741741 
*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant. 
Equity  June 9, 2020
081 Dr. Seth Meyers & Livier Martinez: An Introductory Conversation About Mental Health & Loneliness  Dr. Seth Meyers, Livier Martinez, Episode 81 Audio | Duration: 42:50 Episode 81 Transcript

This episode is being recorded and released during a time that is isolating in nature, that being a result of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantine that we are experiencing as a result. This has been taking a toll on our mental health and may be bringing up feelings of loneliness and many other emotions and stressors. So we decided to bring on some amazing mental health staff members from the Mt. SAC community, Dr. Seth Meyers and Livier Martinez, to have a poignant conversation about how we can help ourselves through any feelings of loneliness and beyond. 

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant. 
Health and Wellness June 2, 2020
080 The Mt. SAC Library: Online Resources & Support For Faculty & Students  Sun Ezzell, Esteban Aguilar, Monika Chavez, Kolap Samel Episode 80 Audio | Duration: 32:09 Episode 80 Transcript

Host Sun Ezzell had the pleasure of talking with Mt. SAC librarians Esteban Aguilar, Monika Chavez, and Kolap Samel to find out how the Library is supporting the campus during this time of online learning. The Library has a wealth of support for online learning. In addition to the online databases, e-books, and 24/7 chat with a librarian that the Library has always had, they are now offering reference workshops ONLINE and an all new option to book a half hour research appointment with a Mt. SAC Librarian!

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.

Academic Support, Teaching and Technology, Teaching and Learning Online May 26, 2020
079 Distance Learning Center: SPOT Training & Other Tools To Support Online Teaching Carol Impara, Catherine McKee Episode 79 Audio | Duration: 34:14 Episode 79 Transcript

This episode we had the pleasure of talking with Carol Impara, Distance Learning Coordinator and Catherine McKee, Assistant Distance Learning Coordinator to get a perspective on their version of what the transition to online teaching and learning has been like for them while they also share some details about SPOT training.

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.
Pedagogy, Teaching with Technology, Teaching and Learning Online May 19, 2020
078 Faculty Center For Learning Technology: Supporting Mt. SAC's Transition To Online Michelle Newhart,  Hugo Aguilera Episode 78 Audio | Duration: 36:45 Episode 78 Transcript

We are back! Like everyone on campus, we at The Magic Mountie Podcast have had to transition to working remotely. For us, this included new equipment and new processes for remote podcast interviews. 

We have been so inspired by the incredible work of the Mt. SAC community to transition online in a very short period of time. Folks all over campus are pulling together and doing amazing work to every day, especially now, and we are excited to bring you some of those resources and stories through the podcast. 

Now more than ever, we hope The Magic Mountie Podcast will be a way to connect and celebrate the Mt. SAC community. 

We talk with Michelle Newhart and Hugo Aguilera from the Faculty Center for Learning Technology. Part of the Library and Learning Resources Division, the FCLT is a resource for teaching with technology and home to distance learning at Mt. SAC. The FCLT offers workshops in teaching and technology, including teaching online. As you can imagine, the FCLT has been working around the clock to support the College's transition to online instruction.

Visit the FCLT website:  

To access a "Canvasador", A Peer Mentor on using Canvas and other learning technologies for students you can visit here.

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.
Teaching with Technology and Teaching and Learning Online May 12, 2020
077 When They Should But They Don't: Scaffolding Students Into Transformational Learning Dr. Lindsay Masland Episode 77 Audio | Duration 64:22 Episode 77 Transcript

Today we captured the keynote speaker from our very own spring Flex Day, Dr. Lindsay Masland. She is an associate professor of psychology at Appalachian State University and she does a deep dive with us on the topics of how to motivate students, what motivates student achievement, and engagement and what can we do about it?

Questions she addresses are “what is learning, what teaching strategies lead to effective learning, and what is the role of the student in the teaching and learning relationship”.

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant. 

Equity, FLEX Day, Pedagogy March 3, 2020
076 Data Coaching: How Data Can Influence the Classroom & Campus Tania Anders, Daniel Berumen, Lisa Rodriguez Episode 76 Audio | Duration 21:27 Episode 76 Transcript

This episode is all about data--how data is being used on campus by faculty in their research and decision-making processes. Tania Anders speaks with Daniel Berumen of the Research department as well as Lisa Rodriguez (Assistant Director in the POD office and The Title V grant) about how data coaching is a tool in creating a “culture of inquiry." Learn what a data coach is, how to work with one, and how this can influence your processes and outcomes in the classroom. More specifically, learn how data has helped secure our Title V grant, “Creating am Equity-minded Campus Culture to Improve Student Outcomes.”

To learn more about Using our Data, Becoming a Data Coach, and Listening to Student Voices, attend “The Power Of Our Data” on Friday, March 13th from 8:00 am-12:30 pm in Founders Hall and in addition there will be a celebration of faculty who recently received their sabbaticals.

To reach Lisa Rodriguez Email:Lrodriguez208@mtsac.eduExt: 4177Located: 6-141


To reach Daniel Berumen:Email: dberumen7@mtsac.eduExt: 4923Located: 4-2435


*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.
Research and Data, Title V Grant  February 25, 2020
075 Getting a Full-Time Job at a Community College Part 2 Julie Laverty, Derek Dokter Episode 75 Audio | Duration 22:45 Episode 75 Transcript

Welcome to the second episode in our mini-series on Getting a Full Time Job at a Community College. Hosted by Julie Laverty, Professor of Communication, this workshop series demystifies the hiring process--from the paper screening to the interview to the teaching demo.

In this episode we'll hear from Derek Dokter, Professor of Business Management who attended last year's workshop, What to Expect When You're Applying as an adjunct, and returned to this year's workshop as a new full-time, tenure-track faculty member to share his journey from adjunct to full time.

Join us as Derek shares Do's and Don'ts of applying for a full time faculty position, including how he gave his Cover Letter and Resume a complete makeover and got 17 interviews, 5 final interviews, and multiple job offers before he landed his full time position right here at Mt. SAC.

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.

Resources for Adjunct Faculty February 11, 2020 
074 Getting a Full-Time Job at a Community College Part 1 Julie Laverty, Sokha Song, Joan Sholars Episode 74 Audio | Duration 24:06 Episode 74 Transcript

Today's episode kicks off the first annual series on Getting a Full-Time Job at a Community College. Hosted by Julie Laverty, Professor of Communication, this workshop series demystifies the hiring process--from the paper screening to the interview to the teaching demo.;

In today's episode we'll hear from HR Deputy Director Sokha Song and Faculty Association President Joan Sholars as they discuss the application process, including tips and recommendations -- and top mistakes to avoid.

There have been some changes in the process since last year, so if you've already listened to our series What To Expect When You're Applying, you can expect to learn even more about how to put your best foot forward to land that full-time position.

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant.

Resources for Adjunct Faculty January 28, 2020 
073 Buses, Boats, & Oceanography: The Importance of Field Trips & Excursions Outside of The Classroom Tania Anders Episode 73 Audio | Duration 21:27 Episode 73 Transcript

Taking learning outside of the classroom can have beneficial effects to a student in ways that impact not only their understanding of the class material but to their lives as a whole. Hands-on, interactive excursions encourages students to ask more questions, engage in teamwork and digest application at a deeper level. 

Join Tania Anders and her Oceanography classes as they take two field trips, one to Dana Point and one to the Southern California Marine Institute on the Pacific Coast on the RV Yellowfin.

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant. 

Pedagogy January 14, 2020
072.5 Bonus Announcement Happy Holidays From The Magic Mountie Podcast!   Bonus Announcement Audio | Duration 00:48 Bonus Announcement Transcript

Happy holidays from the Magic Mountie Podcast, we hope you join us again in 2020 when we come back with some fresh episodes to start your New Year off on an informed foot beginning January 14th. We would also love to hear from you by way of a review and rating on Apple Podcasts or iTunes so we can keep creating episodes that resonate with you. Happy Holidays & we’ll see you soon!

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant. 

Happy Holidays from the MMP! December 18, 2019
072 The Question Formulation Technique In Practice: A Mt. SAC Panel Discussion   Episode 72 Audio | Duration 32:29 Episode 72 Transcript

Staying curious allows us to stay engaged and what better way to practice curiosity than asking questions. We have our last installment episode of The Question Formulation Technique and this time you’ll hear from your very own Mt. SAC colleagues who have bravely tested this technique in the classroom. Here we have a panel discussion of observations, challenges, and discoveries they made while going through the process. And if YOU’D like to try it out in your classroom you can reach out to them to help get you started. 

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant. 

Teaching Conferences and Pedagogy December 17, 2019
071 Unpacking The Question Formulation Technique   Episode 71 Audio | Duration 16:47 Episode 71 Transcript

In this episode we spend just a little more focused time unpacking the Question Formulation technique, exploring why it's useful. As you’ll hear Luz say in the episode, QFT “offers a little more joy in a demanding profession” and she quotes journalist Clive Thompson when he says “How should you respond when you get powerful new tools for finding answers? Think of harder questions”.

The Harvard Education publishing group says….

[The] Right Question Institute have developed [a technique] called the Question Formulation Technique (QFT). This technique helps students learn how to produce their own questions, improve them, and strategize on how to use them. In the classroom, teachers have seen how the same process manages to develop students’ divergent (brainstorming), convergent (categorizing and prioritizing), and metacognitive (reflective) thinking abilities in a very short period of time.

**For more information visit Right Question Institute (

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant. 

Teaching Conferences and Pedagogy December 3, 2019
070 An Introduction To The Question Formulation Technique Process Luz Santana Episode 70 Audio | Duration: 22:51 Episode 70 Transcript

Captured during Fall Semester, Inspired Teaching Day, the DEST team brought in some amazing facilitators to take us through the process of The Question Formulation Technique. 

Luz Santana, the co-director of Right Question Institute and Andrew Minigan director of strategy for the Education Program of The Question Formulation Technique all the way from Boston. They introduce us to the process and emphasize why there is such an importance to asking questions, especially good ones. You can even follow along with the exercises at home!

The Harvard Education publishing group says: 

[The] Right Question Institute have developed [a technique] called the Question Formulation Technique (QFT). This technique helps students learn how to produce their own questions, improve them, and strategize on how to use them. In the classroom, teachers have seen how the same process manages to develop students’ divergent (brainstorming), convergent (categorizing and prioritizing), and metacognitive (reflective) thinking abilities in a very short period of time.

Typically, questions are seen as the province of teachers, who spend years figuring out how to craft questions and fine-tune them to stimulate students’ curiosity or engage them more effectively. We have found that teaching students to ask their own questions can accomplish these same goals while teaching a critical lifelong skill.

The Right Question Institute (RQI) [] began its work with a dropout prevention program in Lawrence, Massachusetts, funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, when parents told [them] they were not participating in their children’s education because they “don’t even know what to ask". Parents had identified an obstacle that prevents many people from learning, from thinking for themselves, from doing their own problem solving, and from becoming more self-sufficient.

*This episode was funded by the Mt. SAC Title V Grant. 

Teaching Conferences and Pedagogy November 19, 2019 
069.5 Bonus Announcement – Holiday Podcast Schedule   Bonus Announcement Audio | Duration 0:51 Bonus Announcement Transcript

Today rather than releasing a full episode we just have a small announcement for you. As we head into the busy holiday season, we decided we would release bi-weekly rather than weekly going forward until further notice. You can expect a full episode next week, with the following week November 26th off.

We at the Magic Mountie Podcast hope you are enjoying you Fall semester as we thank you so much for being dedicated listeners for the course of over 70 episodes so far!

We’ll see you next week.  

Bonus Announcement: Holiday Podcast Schedule

November 12, 2019

069 Meme Madness: A BRIDGE between Students, The Mt. SAC Library & Literature Cynthia Flores, Dianna Velasco, Eva Rios-Alvarado, Pauline Swartz Episode 69 Audio | Duration 24:18 Episode 69 Transcript

In this week's episode we bring you Meme Madness--an amazing collaboration between Professor Cynthia Flores, tutor Dianna Velasco, along with Mt. SAC Librarians Eva Rios-Alvarado and Pauline Swartz AND the Summer Bridge Students

The goal of this collaboration was to get students into the library and engaged in the concepts they were working with in their multicultural literature class, such as ethnic identity, cultural pluralism, assimilation, acculturation, and gender and family roles. 

And what better way to do so than create an engaging, fun and interactive assignment that allows students to learn how to utilize the library’s resources, collaborate with their classmates and have fun competitively creating their very own original memes. 

Welcome to Meme Madness!

Academic Support, Pedagogy, and Equity November 5, 2019
068 Mt. SAC Student Leaders Of Change: Indigenous Peoples Day   Episode 68 Audio | Duration 19:44 Episode 68 Transcript

The Mt. SAC campus honored Indigenous Peoples Day on October 14th and if you missed the celebration that took place at the Indigenous Peoples Fountain in front of the Mt. SAC Library, here is your chance to hear from those who participated talk about their message and why Indigenous Peoples Day is important.  

According to the SAC Media article "Why Mt. SAC Dropped Columbus Day," "In 2016, the Mt. SAC Associated Students voted 16 to 2 and passed a resolution to change Christopher Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day....thanks to the hard work and activism of Mt. SAC MEChistas and the Mt. SAC Native American Intertribal Student Alliance." According to the article:

"Mt. SAC renamed the holiday before the city of Los Angeles did. It wasn’t until 2018 that LA celebrated their first Indigenous Day that included all-day celebrations of Native American history and culture. Other states such as New Mexico, Maine and Wisconsin have also voted to rename Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples Day.

Since the change, both MEChA and NAISA celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day yearly. The celebrations grow every year, and more student organizations have joined in collaboration."

MeChA and NAISA club members in collaboration with American Indian Movement and  Environmental Action Group for a Liable Earth (EAGLE) were involved in organizing this year's event, particularly student leader, Julian Ibanez Mandujano.

Equity, Sustainability & Nature, Campus Special Events October 29, 2019
067 OER Means Zero Cost Textbooks for Your Students   Episode 67 Audio | Duration 18:06 Episode 67 Audio | Duration 18:06

The cost of textbooks can have a negative effect on students' budgets. Faculty who use OER (Open Educational Resources) can help. OER is a way to use free textbooks in the courses you teach.

In this episode find out how you can be part of the library's initiative to increase the number of faculty at Mt. SAC who use and create OER text books. Participants in this initiative can receive up to $5000 in monetary support.

Learn more at the OER Kick off on Oct 23, 2019 from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm in the POD LOFT. This initiative is funded by the Improving CTE Online Pathways Grant.

You can apply for OER here.

Academic Support, Equity, and Basic Needs Support October 22, 2019
066 Alumni Turned Faculty & Classified: A Sense of Belonging & Giving Back   Episode 66 Audio | Duration 21:26 Episode 66 Transcript

This episode features the stories of our dedicated alumni who have come full circle to continue adding to the culture of Mt. SAC by accepting jobs as faculty members and classified employees. Their stories and words of wisdom reflect on their personal journey’s of attending Mt. SAC as students and finding themselves in the process

Mt. SAC Community October 15, 2019
065 Sneak Peek Into The Monthly Mentoring Program Eric Lara, Tannia Robles Episode 65 Audio | Duration 25:28 Episode 65 Transcript

If you want to take your connection with students to the next level, you may want to consider the Monthly Mentoring program. Eric Lara and Tannia Robles breakdown what it means to students to get this type of interaction with Mt. SAC faculty, what the typical framework of a monthly mentor meeting is like and you’ll even hear first hand from a student mentoree. Taken from the Fall FLEX day session, here is a sneak peak into Monthly Mentoring.

Equity and FLEX Day October 8, 2019
064 Academic Support From All Perspectives: A Panel Discussion   Episode 64 Audio | Duration: 17.24 Episode 64 Transcript

We want to share with you some clarification around different types of academic support as well as some first hand experiences from faculty, students who have worked in the academic support programs and one student who decided to invest in himself to further his success in his class. Taken from the FALL FLEX Day breakout session “ASAC and ET’s, Oh My! Navigating the Waters of Academic Support, here are some first accounts. Enjoy!

Academic Support, FLEX Day October 1, 2019
063 FLEX Strategies To Address Inequity In The Classroom With Dr. Frank Harris Dr. Frank Harris Episode 63 Audio | Duration: 35:23 Episode 63 Transcript

In this episode we are following up on Dr. Frank Harris’ keynote featured in episode 60 FLEX Your Equity Approach With Dr. Frank Harris, go check out that episode if you haven’t yet. In today’s show we have some actionable steps outlined during Dr. Harris’ breakout session called Employing Culturally-Affirming Teaching and Learning Practices to Advance Institutional Equity. You’ll hear some great dialogue from your colleagues and lots of strategies to consider bringing into your classroom to address inequity and disproportionate impact. Enjoy!

Equity, FLEX Day, Pedagogy September 24, 2019
062 What's New And Cool At The Library   Episode 62 Audio | Duration 20:42 Episode 62 Transcript

This week is the Library's Welcome Week! It’s a perfect time to learn about the services the library offers and how they are partnering with faculty across campus to proactively reach students in their classes.

So much is happening at the Library from the super fun Library Welcome week, Library Workshops, new technology, OER: Open Educational Resources (including zero cost textbooks), and the library’s GPS grant.

The Library is a fun and happening place so tune in to this podcast to learn about the Zombie Apocalypse workshop, the Sweet Sixteen Meme Battle, Library Bingo and more!

Academic Support, FLEX Day September 17, 2019
061 Change Your Students' Lives In The First Two Weeks Of Class Emily Versace, Richard Meyers Episode 61 Audio | Duration: 24:49 Episode 61 Transcript

In today's episode, we are talking about validation. It turns out that feelings of validity can heavily influence how we do at the things we attempt -- like attending college. Therefore, establishing a validating environment in the classroom can be life changing.

Presenters Emily Versace and Richard Meyers facilitated a breakout session at Fall FLEX Day called Change Your Students’ Lives in the First Two Weeks of Class based on what they learned from Laura I. Rendon’s theory. Stick around and discover what is behind that catchy title.

And just a quick note that there were many interactive exercises in this session that we couldn’t capture on audio for the podcast but I hope you enjoy this abridged version of this very validating session.

FLEX Day, Pedagogy September 10, 2019
060 FLEX Your Equity Approach With Dr. Frank Harris Dr. Frank Harris Episode 60 Audio | Duration: 37:08 Episode 60 Transcript

We are bringing you what you might have missed at FLEX day starting with Dr. Frank Harris’ stellar keynote presentation on Advancing Equity in A Climate of Resistance. And even if you attended this is a great way to revisit the content after having some time to process the info packed FLEX Day you experienced. 

Dr. Harris is a professor of postsecondary education and Co-Director of the Community College Equity Assessment Lab (CCEAL) at San Diego State University. He is best known for his expertise in racial [in]equity in postsecondary education. You definitely want to listen until you get to the Q&A in this episode because Dr. Harris said himself, Mt. SAC asks the BEST questions.  

Equity, FLEX Day  September 3, 2019
059 Growth Mindset Through Emotional Intelligence with Kevin Walsh: CPD Day 2019 Kevin Walsh Episode 59 Audio | Duration: 44:16 Episode 59 Transcript

Guest keynote Kevin Walsh amazingly breaks down situations we encounter in all parts of our lives on and off campus and offers techniques to grow our emotional intelligence and in turn foster a growth mindset overall. I think you’ll really enjoy this special CPD Day episode to kick off Fall semester 2019. 

Health and Wellness, Classified Professional Development Day August 27, 2019
058.5 Bonus Episode: Season 3 Announcement & Summer Thank You's! Sun Ezzell Bonus Episode Audio | Duration 2:24 Bonus Episode Transcript

From all of as at The Magic Mountie Podcast, whether you have been in an episode or two of the podcast or if you have dedicatedly listened, we want to THANK YOU! 

We will be taking a short break, returning on August 27th with brand new episodes! Now is a great time to catch up on any that you may have missed! 

And in this episode we announce a few fresh faces and voices you'll see and hear joining the podcast street team, headed up by Sun Ezzell.

  August 14, 2019
058 Nature Escapes On Campus Part 3: Yolanda Haro Yolanda Haro Episode 58 Audio | Duration 13:11 Episode 58 Transcript

We're back with our final episode in our summer mini-series featuring favorite nature spots on campus. We'll go barefoot in the grass and join Yolanda Haro from POD under her favorite tree on campus. 

In this episode, Yolanda shares a childhood memory of spending time in nature with her grandfather--as well as how teaching mindfulness classes at Mt. SAC impacts her own mindfulness practice, tips for busy people for finding a few minutes to soak up some sunshine, and how mindfulness can support us and our students.

Health and Wellness, Sustainability & Nature, Mt. SAC: Our Campus August 13, 2019
057 Nature Escapes On Campus Part 2: Jared Burton Jared Burton Episode 57 | Duration 12:45 Episode 57 Transcript

We're back with another episode in our summer mini-series about favorite nature spots on campus. In this episode, we'll go birdwatching with Jared Burton from the Library, and learn more about the flora and fauna at Mt. SAC.

 We'll also have a chance to think about how the natural environment on campus is meaningful for students, the importance of "Vitamin N" in all our lives, and how we as a campus community might explore the concept of the natural world as a Library and why.


Health and Wellness, Sustainability & Nature, Mt. SAC: Our Campus August 6, 2019
056 Nature Escapes On Campus Part 1: Lance Heard Lance Heard Episode 56 Audio | Duration 15:23 Episode 56 Transcript

Inspired by Lance Heard’s previous episode How To Walk It Off With Nature: An Introduction To Forest Therapy, we decided to explore a few faculty member’s favorite nature spots across campus. As well as how they make the time to connect with nature and its impact on their work with students.

In up-coming episodes we’ll take a bird watching walk with Jared from the library, we’ll sit under a favorite tree with our toes in the grass with Yolanda from POD, but on this hot summer day Sun Ezzell sits with Lance Heard by one of his favorite spots, the Koi pond located north of the Mt. SAC farm. Enjoy!

Health and Wellness, Sustainability & Nature, Mt. SAC: Our Campus July 30, 2019
055 50th Anniversary Celebration of Apollo 11 Jim Uranga Episode 55 Audio | Duration 8:28 Episode 55 Transcript

Get a summer sneak peek into Mt. SAC's July celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing and human's first steps on the moon! The on-campus planetarium hosted and professor Jim Uranga and his students reveal the 80% scale model replica of the lunar module. Enjoy!

Campus Special Events Mt. SAC: Our Campus July 23, 2019
054 Students In Conversation: The Summer Class Struggle To Success Sun Ezzell Episode 54 Audio | Duration 15:18 Episode 54 Transcript

Thanks for joining us for another episode in our ongoing series: Students In Conversation. 

Students in Conversation offers the opportunity to hear directly from students about their lives, educational journeys, and what it's like to be a student here at Mt. SAC.

During 2019's summer session, Sun Ezzell talked with a few students who were willing to share their experiences taking summer classes, at a time when many of their friends are taking time off and enjoying the heat. One thing they all seemed to have in common was a full plate of obligations and that juggling life along with classes is always a feat.

It's important to note that many facilities to aid students are still open during the summer like the tutoring centers, the library, the financial aid offices and careers services. So if you happen to be teaching this term, make sure to tell your classes about these opportunities. 

We hope you enjoy this episode as students share what it's like taking short term classes and why it's worth it

Students in Conversation, Equity July 16, 2019
053 Dr. Virginia Burley: Reflections on a Life in Education Dr. Virginia Burley, Sun Ezzell Episode 53 Audio | Duration 10:48 Episode 53 Transcript

Retiring interim Vice President of Instruction Dr. Virginia Burley is a professor emeritus and retired Vice President of Instruction. She is also a lifelong learner who went back to school for her doctorate. She was called out of retirement this year to serve as interim Vice President of Instruction.

Before she left, she sat down with Sun Ezzell to share her reflections on a life in education—as a teacher, a manager, and as a student. Join us as Dr. Burley shares her reflections on the importance of listening, the value of dissenting voices, how courage can open doors, and the simple thing everyone can do that just might change someone’s life. Enjoy!

Mt. SAC Community July 9, 2019
052 The Dream Is Real: A Memorable DREAM Program Graduation   Episode 52 Audio | Duration 21:0 Episode 52 Transcript

We are proud to present a sneak peek into the DREAM Program’s unique, heartwarming and supportive graduation of 2019, as our last episode for the season. We’ll be taking just a small break so you can focus on your last days of the semester and catch up on episodes you may have missed. 


The DREAM Program provides support services to DREAMers (undocumented students) at Mt. SAC. Its purpose is to increase the personal growth and development of DREAM students through academic, career, and personal counseling, peer mentoring, assistance in applying for the California Dream Act/Financial Aid, scholarship opportunities and workshops regarding DACA and other issues relative to this student population. And we learn in this episode that they will also have the help of a dedicated lawyer, who speaks to the graduates at this very special event. Enjoy. 


June 11, 2019 Equity, Campus Special Events 
051 A Lavender Graduation To Remember Sun Ezzell, Melinda Bowen, Bill Scroggins, Dr. Ronni Sanlo Episode 51 Audio | Duration 29:36 Episode 51 Transcript

As the school year begins to wind down we created a unique and very special episode for you. Captured by Sun Ezzell we bring you Mt. SAC’s Lavender Graduation.

Lavender Graduation is a special annual graduation ceremony that is conducted on numerous campuses, in which it recognizes and honors the accomplishments of graduating/transferring LGBTQ+ students. In our case we also highlight the contributions and successes of the Pride Center, Mt. SAC staff and student employees, and our allies across campus and in the community. This year the ceremony was led by the Pride Center Director Melinda Bowen. Mt. SAC’s President and CEO Bill Scroggins also delivers a special message to the new graduates.

The Lavender Graduation Ceremony was created by Dr. Ronni Sanlo, a Jewish Lesbian, who was denied the opportunity to attend the graduations of her biological children because of her own sexual orientation.

Why Lavender? It is a combination of the pink triangle that gay men were forced to wear in concentration camps and the black triangle designating lesbians as political prisoners in Nazi Germany.  The LGBTQ civil rights movement took these symbols of hatred and combined them to make symbols and color of pride and community.

The first Lavender Graduation began at the University of Michigan in 1995, with three graduates.  Today, over 200 colleges and universities offer lavender graduation ceremonies for their students.[6]

These events are so important because they provide a sense of community for minority students who often experience tremendous culture shock at their impersonalized institutions. For many students they are the payoff for staying in school. Here is a glimpse at Mt. SAC’s third annual Lavender Graduation.

Equity, Campus Special Events June 4, 2019
050 To Ask or Not To Ask: Techniques To Help Students Formulate Better Questions With Sun Ezzell Sun Ezzell Episode 50 Audio | Duration 19:02 Episode 50 Transcript

Sun Ezzell, a member of the DEST team and a facilitator of the Inspired Teaching Day as well as the facilitator of the breakout session you are about to hear captured on Inspired Teaching Day takes us through a Question Formulation Technique. 

The Harvard Education publishing says….

[The] Right Question Institute have developed [a technique] called the Question Formulation Technique (QFT). This technique helps students learn how to produce their own questions, improve them, and strategize on how to use them. In the classroom, teachers have seen how the same process manages to develop students’ divergent (brainstorming), convergent (categorizing and prioritizing), and metacognitive (reflective) thinking abilities in a very short period of time.

Typically, questions are seen as the province of teachers, who spend years figuring out how to craft questions and fine-tune them to stimulate students’ curiosity or engage them more effectively. We have found that teaching students to ask their own questions can accomplish these same goals while teaching a critical lifelong skill.

The Right Question Institute (RQI) [] began its work with a dropout prevention program in Lawrence, Massachusetts, funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, when parents told [them] they were not participating in their children’s education because they “don’t even know what to ask.”…Parents had identified an obstacle that prevents many people from learning, from thinking for themselves, from doing their own problem solving, and from becoming more self-sufficient.

So here is a peak at what that technique looks like in action. Enjoy!


Teaching Conferences, Pedagogy May 28, 2019
049 Inspired & Active Learning With Jennifer Imazeki Part Two Jennifer Imazeki Episode 49 Audio | Duration 29:32 Episode 49 Transcript

In this episode we have Part 2 of Jennifer Imazeki’s keynote taken from Inspired Teaching Day which was hosted by the DEST TEAM.

You’ll hear more of the discussion they had around active learning and employing pedagogy techniques for a flipped classroom. Professor Imazeki is the director of the center for teaching and learning at San Diego State University, a Senate Distinguished Professor and Professor of Economics with a passion for teaching and education at all levels. Enjoy!

Teaching Conferences, Pedagogy May 21, 2019
048 Inspired & Active Learning With Jennifer Imazeki Jennifer Imazeki Episode 48 Audio | Duration 32:09 Episode 48 Transcript

We have another mini-series for you taken from what we captured on Inspired Teaching Day. We heard from a wonderful keynote, Jennifer Imazeki who is the director of the center for teaching and learning at San Diego State University, a Senate Distinguished Professor and Professor of Economics with a passion for teaching and education at all levels.

She is an advocate for active learning, especially with the use of team-based learning and technology in the classroom. And this is what we will be exploring in this episode. The goal is to learn how to engage our students more and therefore increasing their success by increasing retention.

In part one of the Inspired Teaching series we will go over some pedagogy that Professor Imazeki uses to employ active learning with the participation of the faculty in attendance.

Teaching Conferences, Pedagogy May 14, 2019
047 Diving Into Depression with Faculty Part 3 Dr. Seth Myers, Herschel Greenberg Episode 47 Audio | Duration 16:22 Episode 47 Transcript

This episode is our last segment of the One Book One Campus mini series. We eaves drop on the breakout session hosted by Dr. Seth Myers and Herschel Greenberg where they have an exploratory discussion around how to incorporate the program into your curriculum and how to broach the subject of depression with students. But first a quick mini interview with Dr. Seth Meyers.  

Health and Wellness, One Book, One Campus May 7, 2019
046 Diving Deeper Into Depression with Seth Meyers Part 2 Dr. Seth Meyers Episode 46 Audio | Duration 38:04 Episode 46 Transcript

This episode is part 2 of a mini series highlighting the One Book One campus program as well as the topic of depression, all captured from this year's Spring Flex Day 2019. We hear from our very own Dr. Seth Meyers, a licensed psychologist, who spoke at Spring Flex on the topic, offering us great overview as well as signs to look for and some points of action faculty can take when facing the issue of depression in our students. 

Health and Wellness, One Book, One Campus April 30, 2019 
045 Diving Deeper into Depression with One Book One Campus, Part 1 Allie Brosh, Shannon Ustatis Episode 45 Audio | Duration 12:15 Episode 45 Transcript

Today’s episode kicks off a 3 part series focusing on the topic of depression in tandem with our commencement of the One Book One Campus program. The book Hyperbole and A Half by Allie Brosh, is a first-person honest telling of what it feels like to have depression. 

In this series we’ll be diving a little deeper with featured content captured from Spring Flex Day. Beginning with an excerpt from the book turned award winning live performance by Shannon Ustatis, a Mt. SAC Forensics national winner and alumni.

Health and Wellness, One Book, One Campus April 23, 2019 
044 Leaving No Student Behind with Universal Design  Deana Hight Episode 44 Audio | Duration 20:16 Episode 44 Transcript

This episode is another capture from Spring Flex Day taken from Equity Inclusion with Universal Design for Learning presented by Art History Professor Deana Hight. The very nature of universal design for learning or UDL is to develop pedagogy for creating equity and inclusion in the classroom environment that all students will benefit and become engaged in the learning process. 

Deana speaks of her own experience when having to adapt her classroom to accommodate a blind student that not only embraced the subject but in turn was embraced by his fellow classmates. Here’s professor Hight.

Pedagogy, FLEX Day April 16, 2019
043 Awards, Degrees & Certificates, Oh My! Patricia Maestro, George Bradshaw Episode 43 Audio | Duration 21:44 Episode 43 Transcript

In this episode focused around Student Success, we captured a presentation from Spring Flex Day lead by Patricia Maestro and George Bradshaw. They cover everything from the types of degrees awarded to why students are denied completion. Learn the intricacies of the process of awarding degrees, how a student might accomplish more than one award and how it relates to their financial aid, as well as the ins and outs of registration dates. Enjoy!

FLEX Day April 9, 2019
042 Getting Ahead with Mt. SAC’s Early College High School Bill Scroggins, Liesel Episode 42 Audio | Duration 10:03 Episode 42 Transcript

Mt. SAC has made getting ahead even more accessible recently by opening it’s door to the Mt. SAC Early College High School. Hear from the President himself, Bill Scroggins, about his goals and future plans for this endeavor. And learn more about what a first-hand experience is like, as Liesel interviews an ambitious student of the high school, Jaythan.

Academic Support, FLEX Day April 2, 2019
041 How To Walk It Off With Nature: An Introduction To Forest Therapy Lance Heard Episode 41 Audio | Duration 24:37 Episode 41 Transcript

Join us in a discussion recorded LIVE on Spring Flex Day addressing how to best introduce Forest Therapy to students and faculty. Lead by Lance Heard, Professor of Administration of Justice, we learn how he discovered Forest Therapy within his own life, what a Forest Therapy session might be like, the health benefits and how to employ our very own Wildlife Sanctuary that is a part of the Mt. SAC campus.

Sustainability & Nature, Mt. SAC: Our Campus March 20, 2019
040 What to Expect When You’re Applying, Part 4: Getting A Handle on the FT Faculty Role in Guided Pathways, Shared Governance, and Curriculum.    Episode 40 Audio | Duration 19:11 Episode 40 Transcript

A panel discussion about topics full-time faculty need to know about Guided Pathways, Shared Governance, and Curriculum.

Slides from this episode can be found with episode 37.

Resources for Adjunct Faculty  February 25, 2019
039 What to Expect When You’re Applying, Part 3: Preparing for the FT Faculty Interview   Episode 39 Audio | Duration: 26:58 Episode 39 Transcript

How to prepare in advance for likely questions in your full-time faculty interview, including an approach to writing excellent icebreaker answers. Slides from this session can be found in the notes for episode 37.

Resources for Adjunct Faculty February 21, 2019
038 What to Expect When You’re Applying, Part 2: Cover Letters   Episode 38 Audio | Duration: 20:40 Episode 38 Transcript

A continuation of our seminar about how to get a full time faculty job at a California Community College. This episode features Professor Julie Laverty and includes tips that made one attendee remark, “Mind blown."

Resources for Adjunct Faculty February 11, 2019
037 Getting a FT Job at a Community College; Part 1 - What to Expect When You’re Applying   Episode 37 Audio | Duration: 21:47 Episode 37 Transcript

Taped live at a sold-out on campus seminar. This is the first in a series of multiple episodes to support people interested in full-time faculty jobs at community colleges. This episode contains an overview of full-time faculty responsibilities and tips for completing the online faculty application. Upcoming episodes will address cover letters, interview preparation, and critical responsibilities and initiatives you may be asked about in an interview.

Resources for Adjunct Faculty February 6, 2019
036 Mounties for LIfe: Faculty, the Foundation, and Enhancing the Alumni Experience  Danee Pye Episode 36 Audio | Duration: 18:00 Episode 36 Transcript

Alum Danee Pye and her company have been consulting with the Mt. SAC Foundation to improve connections with and between other alums. We talk with Danee and the Foundation team to learn more about how we can keep the 1.5 million former Mt. SAC students feeling like they are all in the family.

Mt. SAC Community, Mt. SAC: Our Campus December 3, 2018
035 What If We All Read the Same Book at the Same Time? One Book, One Campus is Headed Our Way Herschel Greenberg Episode 35 Audio | Duration: 25:08 Episode 35 Transcript

A brief overview about the hilarious book Hyperbole and a Half and the plan to get everyone on campus to read it.  Herschel Greenberg from the English Department shares the plan and the thinking behind this creative campus-wide initiative that will start in Spring 2019.

Interview with Hyperbole and a Half author Allie Brosch>

One Book, One Campus November 26, 2018 
034.1 Bonus Mini Episode 34.1: Thanksgiving Gratitude from the Magic Mountie Podcast    Episode 34.1 Audio | Duration 5:55 Episode 34.1 Transcript

The podcast is taking a short holiday break but wanted to take a moment to give thanks to everyone who has been part of bringing to it fruition. See you back again on 11/26 with a full episode!

  November 19, 2018
034 Island Adventures with Students: Experiential Learning Revisited    Episode 34 Audio | Duration: 23:03 Episode 34 Transcript

As part of our ongoing exploration of field and experiential learning, we invite our audience to come along as a public speaking class spends a day on Catalina island. We’ve got wildlife, surprise guests, and - hopefully - some motivation for faculty who are wondering if getting students out of the classroom makes a big enough impact to justify the all effort required. Spoiler: it does!

A view of the ocean covered with fog from a high elevation ofer Avalon on Catalina Island.

Group of faculty and students hiking up a dusty hillside.

A student delivers a speech to other students at the Avalon public boardwalk.

Seven faculty take a group selfie with sunset behind them

Sustainability & Nature, Teaching Conferences, Pedagogy November 12, 2018
033.1 Bonus Mini Episode 33.1: The Potential Impact of Measure GO at Mt. SAC   Episode 33.1 Audio | Duration 9:34 Episode 33.1 Transcript

Listeners in the Mt. San Antonio Community College District will be asked to vote on November 6, 2018 on a large bond measure for the college. Learn a bit more about the projects that would be covered by the bond. Whether you support it or plan to vote against it, it's fair to say that the outcome of this election will be highly consequential in the education experience of thousands of future students.

Research and Data, Mt. SAC: Our Campus November 2, 2018
033 Transferring with the Stars: Encouraging Our Students to Aim High in their Academic Journeys   Episode 33 Audio | Duration 22:18 Episode 33 Transcript

Transfer deadlines are approaching soon. Your words of advice or referral to on-campus resource might forever change a student’s future. We talk with campus experts, current students, and alum Sona Movsesian, who shares her wild transfer story and somewhat unexpected career journey to a job with talk show host Conan O’Brien.

To request an in-class transfer presentation, email Krystle Bybee

Campus Special Events October 29, 2018
032 Zoltar Sees Teaching with Technology in Your Future Liesel, Christina Episode 32 Audio | Duration: 17:50 Episode 32 Transcript

Who says learning about technology can't be fun? Join Liesel and Christina for a walk through of a carnival of creative teaching tools at the 2018 Mt. SAC Teaching with Technology Fair. With so many great new resources and helpful colleagues to help us implement them, everyone will leave a winner.

Teaching with Technology, Teaching and Learning Online October 22, 2018
031 Top Takeaways from a Sold Out Student Success Conference   Episode 31 Audio | Duration: 27:53 Episode 31 Transcript

It sold out months in advance, but we were able to capture some highlights of the October 2018 RP Group Student Success Conference for you. More than a dozen attendees share their top takeaways with us from the 78 breakout sessions and multiple keynote speakers at one of the largest and most popular academic conferences in California.

Information about the 2018 RP Group Student Success Conference:

RP Group Student Success Conference

Conference and Travel funding for Mt. SAC employees:

POD Conference and Travel Funding

Teaching Conferences October 15, 2018
030 A Really Rough Week: Faculty Roles and Responsibilities in a Climate of Sexual Abuse Discourse   Episode 30 Audio | Duration: 18:05 Episode 30 Transcript

Our planned episode about the RP Group Student Success Conference is postponed this week to address the topic of sexual assault and need for faculty to support students who may be triggered by recent events and/or may disclose to them privately or in class. In some cases discussed here, faculty may also be required to report.

Mt. SAC Health Center Sexual Violence Information Page

Mt. SAC Public Safety Guidelines for Sexual Assault

Mt. SAC Title IX Policy

Hotlines Numbers
National Sexual Assault Hotline 800.656.4673
National Domestic Violence Hotline 800.799.7233
Love Is Respect (teen helpline) 866.331.9474


Rape Crisis/Domestic Violence Numbers
East LA Women’s Center- Rape & Battering Hotline (bilingual, counseling, various services) 800.585.6231
Project Sister Family Services/Pomona (rape crisis hotline, counseling, advocacy) 909.626.4357
Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center (hotline, counseling, advocacy) 951.686.7273
YWCA-WINGS/Covina (domestic violence help line, shelter, counseling) 626.967.0658
House of Ruth/Claremont (domestic violence hotline, counseling, emergency shelter) 877.988.5559
Option House Shelter/San Bernardino (domestic violence hotline, shelter, support groups) 909.381.3471


  • RAINN (Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network) Information resource and live chat (on web)
  • Love is Respect A great web resource aimed at teens & young adults on relationships Call: 1.866.331.9474 TTY: 1.866.331.8453 Text: loveis to 22522
Resources for Faculty October 8, 2018
029 Nice Company to Keep: Meet Other Six Higher Ed Podcasts   Episode 29 Audio | Duration: 18:13 Episode 29 Transcript

Reviews and clips from several podcasts that may be of additional interest to community college educators, from highly structured interviews to conversations over cocktails.

ice Company to Keep: Meet Other Six Higher Ed Podcasts

Resources for Faculty October 1, 2018
028 One Small Step: Healthy Habits for Busy Educators K.C. Kranz Episode 28 Audio Episode 28 Transcript

Personal wellness is central to our efficacy as educators; We need to be at our best so we are fully able to serve our students. In her popular Healthy Habits talk, Mt. SAC's own K.C. Kranz offers immediate and fun steps we can all implement while at work - and beyond.

Wellness Center

Slides for this presentation may be requested from the presenter at

Health and Wellness September 24, 2018
027 Constructing Their Own Communities of Support: Foster Youth REACH for Success Bricella Maciel, Rigo Estrada, Christian Green Episode 27 Audio | Duration: 23:02 Episode 27 Transcript

Important information about working with foster youth, recorded live at a FLEX Day session presented by Bricella Maciel and Rigo Estrada from the REACH program. Also features additional interviews and a special conversation with former Mt. SAC student Christian Green.

Reach Program

UCLA Interview of Christian Green

Equity, FLEX Day September 17, 2018
026.1 Special Bonus Episode 26.1: A Moment of Remembrance for 9/11 Liesel Episode 26.1 Audio | Duration: 4:19 Episode 26.1 Transcript

A group of students were gathering on 9/11 and Liesel happened to be there with her microphone.

Campus Special Events September 11, 2018
026 Food for Thought: How Can We Help Our Hungry and Homeless Students? Pauline Swartz, Koji Uesugi, Eric Lara, Rikiesha Pierce, Michael DeCarbo Episode 26 Audio | Duration: 32:25 Episode 26 Transcript

Many college students do not have access to affordable, nutritious food, stable housing, and other basic needs – impacting their academic success. Pauline Swartz, Koji Uesugi and Eric Lara from Mt. SAC’s Homelessness and Basic Resources Committee and Student Equity team provide an excellent overview of the issue, including surprising resources we can start sharing immediately with students in need. We also hear from two Mt. SAC alums, Rikiesha Pierce and Michael DeCarbo, who remind us that – despite immediate challenges - every student’s potential is limitless.


Basic Needs PowerPoint

Mountie Fresh Food Pantry Flyer

Learn more about SCC Professor Michael DeCarbo

Rikiesha Pierce’s “Scholar Story” page

SAC Media article about Mt. SAC’s first Mountie Fresh Day

Refer your students to join the Mt. SAC Nutrition Club

Equity, Health and Wellness, Basic Needs Support September 10, 2018
025 I Get So Emotional! Activating the Power of Emotions, Movement, and Memory in Your Classroom Laura Jacob, Rita Van Dyke-Kao, Zoltan Dornyei Episode 25 Audio | Duration: 19:46 Episode 25 Transcript

Emotions can negatively impact students, but can also unlock their brains and support greater learning. Several strategies to activate positive emotions are shared in the Fall 2018 Flex Day session “Brain-Based Teaching Strategies to Enhance Student Engagement” by ESL faculty Laura Jacob and Rita Van Dyke-Kao.

Interesting video presentation by Zoltan Dornyei (referenced in this episode) about engaging language learners:

Video Presentation


Health and Wellness, FLEX Day, Pedagogy September 3, 2018
024.1 Episode 24.1: We Have A Contract! What's in It? Bonus Mini episode with members of the Faculty Association Negotiations Team   Episode 24.1 Audio | Duration: 6:09 Episode 24.1 Transcript

Faculty Association

Resources for Faculty August 28, 2018
024 “Why We Drop” – Honest Talk from Students and Some Strategies for Early Term Retention   Episode 24 Audio | Duration: 38:48 Episode 24 Transcript

This workshop developed for Mt. SAC’s New Faculty Seminar was the winner of the 4CSD Innovative Activity Award for Excellence in a Professional Development Activity or Event. It features an honest discussion with four Mt. SAC students about their experiences during the first few weeks of school and the factors that influenced their decision to drop a class. Research about building engagement trust, and community during the first class session is also shared.

Better Beginnings

California Community College Council - Innovative Activity Award

Equity, Pedagogy, Students in Conversation August 28, 2018 
023 Staying Centered and Managing Stress in the New School Year with Dr. John Pellitteri Dr. John Pellitteri Episode 23 Audio | Duration: 47:59 Episode 23 Transcrip

Start the academic year with some tools to help manage the stress in your life. One of Mt. SAC’s most popular – and funny - presenters provides research, does a revealing live demonstration, and shares some great personal anecdotes. Recorded live at CPD Day.

Dr. John Pellitteri  - Keynote speaker at CPD Day 2018


Health and Wellness, FLEX Day August 22, 2018
022 Reflections on Teaching and Professional Development: A Parting Conversation with Vice President, Dr. Irene Malmgren Dr. Irene Malmgren Episode 22 Audio | Duration: 21:22 Episode 22 Transcript

As she retires from Mt. SAC, Dr. Irene Malmgren shares some of her formative experiences as a teacher and perspectives on lifelong learning for all educators.

Books referenced in this episode:

Mt. SAC Community July 30, 2018
021 Students in Conversation: Mass Transit Riders   Episode 21 Audio | Duration: 9:43 Episode 21 Transcript

On a very hot summer day, we talk with students who use public transportation to commute to campus to learn about their different reasons for using mass transit and how, if at all, it impacts their educational experience.

About the Class Pass

Equity, Students in Conversation, Mt. SAC: Our Campus July 23, 2018
020 Students in Conversation: Mt. SAC DREAMers   Episode 20 Audio | Duration: 18:20 Episode 20 Transcript

A moving and revealing conversation with a few of the 500 students pursuing their college education with the support of the Mt. SAC DREAM Program.

DREAM Program

Letter from Mt. SAC's President on DREAM DACA Students



Equity, Students in Conversation, Mt. SAC: Our Campus July 16, 2018
019 Your All-ACCESS Pass to An Innovative Student Support Center   Episode 19 Audio | Duration: 14:07 Episode 19 Transcript

Our co-hosts make an enlightening visit to the ACCESS Technology Center, or ATC, a state-of-the art center for assistive technologies, professional experts, and a variety of great student resources.A useful guide to help faculty refer a struggling student to ACCESS services.

Accessible Technology Center

Equity, Academic Support July 9, 2018
018 Serving Students Who Serve: A Visit to the Veterans Resource Center Liesel, Christina  Episode 18 Audio | Duration: 14:58 Episode 18 Transcript

Liesel and Christina make an inspiring visit to the VRC - a student support center located at the heart of the Mt. SAC campus.

Equity, Mt. SAC: Our Campus July 2, 2018
017 Breaking Barriers: First Gen Students and the ACES Program   Episode 17 Audio | Duration: 12:07 Episode 17 Transcript

For students who are the first in their family to attend college, the process can be confusing and discouraging. Learn about the ACES program at Mt. SAC that – among their many services – helps fill practical, emotional, and motivational gaps “first gen” students may face as they try to beat the odds and earn that college degree.

More info at

Equity, Mt. SAC: Our Campus June 25, 2018
016 Summer Series Featuring the Mt. SAC Pride Center   Episode 16 Audio | Duration: 16:26 Episode 16 Transcript

Our summer series hopes to enrich faculty through better understanding of some of the amazing people, places, resources, and initiatives on campus. This week learn about one of the only community college LGBT+ centers in the country and meet their inspiriting students and faculty coordinator.

Pride Center Website

Pride Center Facebook Page

Equity, Mt. SAC: Our Campus June 18, 2018
015 “And the Winner is…”: Adventures in the Art of Employee Recognition   Episode 15 Audio | Duration: 17:04 Episode 15 Transcript

How do we build community at community colleges? We visit a special new event to talk with faculty, staff, and a member of the Board of Trustees, and the VOICES committee about the role of recognition in both professional development and creating more positive work environments.

Voices information and the “shout out” online form:

Episode 15 Photos

Mt. SAC Community June 11, 2018
014 Students in Conversation: Why We Take Night Classes   Episode 14 Audio | Duration: 19:46 Episode 14 Transcript

The first in a series of discussions with groups of Mt. SAC students about challenges they are facing and ways faculty can support them in achieving their personal and academic goals. In this episode, Liesel talks with select members of her night class about their complicated lives as evening students.

Students in Conversation, Equity June 4, 2018
013 Giving Students Parachutes and Ladders and Turning Researchers into Teachers: Meet the DEST Team   Episode 13 Audio | Duration: 20:28 Episode 13 Transcript

We took some time to connect with the Mt. SAC Developmental Education Study Team, or DEST, to learn about the philosophy and activities of this high-impact community of educators.

Teaching Conferences, Pedagogy May 28, 2018
012 Inspired Teaching Conference and David Middlebrook: For Whom the Book Scrolls   Episode 12 Audio | Duration: 40:12 Episode 12 Transcript

A visit to the 2018 Inspired Teaching Conference where we learn about a new technique for helping your students - and possibly yourself - better understand course textbooks.

Teaching Conferences, Pedagogy May 21, 2018
011 Episode 11: Colson Whitehead’s Visit and Leading for Equity   Episode 11 Audio | Duration: 31:22 Episode 11 Transcript

A jam-packed episode that includes a “Leading for Equity” pre-lecture talk, a performance by the national championship Mt. SAC forensics team, discussion about supporting equity in an era of guided pathways, and a few moments with Colson Whitehead himself.

Language advisory: sensitive language used in this episode.

Equity May 14, 2018
010 The Real and Fictional History of Colson Whitehead's Underground Railroad with Kim Earhart Kim Earhart Episode 10 Audio | Duration: 24:36 Episode 10 Transcript

History Professor Kim Earhart offers insight into the mingling of fact and fiction in Whitehead's award-winning book, and ways in which our work with students might be influenced by this remarkable text.

North Carolina Runaway Slave Advertisements

How Fictionalizing the Past Might Help Change the Future - Handout

Equity May 7, 2018
009 Referring Students and Reporting Students: More Great Resources from Julie Laverty Julie Laverty Episode 9 Audio | Duration 11:42 Episode 9 Transcript

In a continuation of a popular previous episode, Professor Julie Laverty explains how to refer Mt. SAC students to a surprising array of no-cost services, as well as how to report instances of student misconduct.

Resources for Faculty April 30, 2018
008 A Talk and a Tour: Faculty, Sustainability, and the Conundrum of Purple Pants Chisa Uyeki, Christopher Briggs Episode 8 Audio | Duration 36:24 Episode 8 Transcript

Professors Chisa Uyeki and Christopher Briggs premiere a faculty professional development talk about our campus climate commitment and efforts to support sustainability at Mt. SAC. Later in the episode, we join for part of the campus sustainability tour given by student Rene Jimenez. To schedule a tour for your students or department, go to:

The Campus Sustainability Tour

Sustainability & Nature, Mt. SAC: Our Campus  April 23, 2018
007 Developing an Adjunct Faculty Resource: Discussion with Julie Laverty Julie Laverty Episode 7 Audio | Duration: 22:07 Episode 7 Transcript

Professor Julie Laverty explains her motivation to create a special web-based resource just for adjunct faculty at Mt. SAC . Julie also details the various topics covered on the site, many of which will be surprisingly useful to all faculty - even if they have been at the college for a while.

Resources for Faculty April 16, 2018
006 The Podcast About Professional Development Podcasting Liesel, Christina Episode 6 Audio | Duration: 24:16 Episode 6 Transcript

Co-producers Liesel and Christina take a beat to discuss the reasons for this experimental approach to professional development, some of their discoveries so far, and Christina’s recent Mt. SAC workshop on podcasting for educators.

Resources for Faculty April 9, 2018
005 Experiential Learning with Marco Benassi, Part 2 Marco Benassi Episode 5 Audio | Duration: 23:44 Episode 5 Transcript

A multi-part episode featuring Marco Benassi for the College of DuPage’s Field and Experiential Learning Program. Part 2 travels into the field for a Palm Springs hike with faculty participants.

Episode 5 Photo Slideshow

Sustainability & Nature, Teaching Conferences, Pedagogy April 2, 2018
004 Experiential Learning - Open That Door Marco Benassi Episode 4 Audio | Duration: 26:20 Episode 4 Transcript

A multi-part episode featuring Marco Benassi for the College of DuPage’s Field and Experiential Learning Program. Part 1 captures some of his on-campus workshop at Mt. SAC, while Part 2 travels into the field for a Palm Springs hike with faculty participants.

Episode 4 Photo Slideshow

Sustainability & Nature, Teaching Conferences, Pedagogy  March 26, 2018
003 Emily Versace and Jazz Up your Lecture Emily Versace  Episode 3 Audio | Duration: 23:22 Episode 3 Transcript

Mt. SAC Counselor Emily Versace leads a workshop at 2018 spring Flex Day based on an inspiring workshop that changed her teaching forever. Her method is based on Sharon Bowman and her Training from the Back of the Room model, derived from brain science.

To enroll in her up-coming 2-day workshop May 11 & 18, visit POD CALENDAR.

Training From Back of the Room exercise

Training From the Back of the Room exercise

Faculty Toolkit

Pedagogy, FLEX Day March 19, 2018
002 Overview of Spring Programs for Mt. SAC Faculty & Staff Christina, Liesel Episode 2 Audio | Duration: 13:08 Episode 2 Transcript

Christina and Liesel discuss the upcoming calendar of free professional learning activities available on POD CALENDAR including:

  • March 27 Christina's Podcasting for Faculty Level 1 Course
  • April 13 Campus Sustainability at the ReNew Faculty Seminar
  • March 16-20 Learning Technology Week
  • April 26 & 27 Inspired Technology Conference
  • May 8 Colson Whitehead lecture
Resources for Faculty March 10, 2018 
001 Sonia Nazario & Supporting Immigrant Students Liesel Reinhart, Christina Barsi, Sonia Nazario Episode 1 Audio | Duration: 23:55 Episode 1 Transcript

In this episode, hosts Liesel Reinhart and Christina Barsi discuss what "FLEX" day is and then meet some of the faculty, staff, and students who are attending it. The second half of the podcast includes an interview with Sonia Nazario about her perspectives on immigrant students and what faculty can do to help serve them. The podcast concludes with suggestions for faculty about how to best support immigrant and "dreamer" students.

Equity, FLEX Day March 9, 2018