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About Us

The DREAM Program is an educational and support program designed to guide undocumented students and allies, with or without DACA. DREAM provides services and events that are carefully arranged to help undocumented students navigate Mt. SAC, academic success, and life beyond the classroom. We provide guidance with financial aid, private and institutional scholarships, assistance with the CA Dream Act, mentorship, immigration legal services, health resources, and referrals that pertain to the undocumented experience.

Who We Serve

Our program serves students who are undocumented immigrants as well as those who are notable allies of the undocumented community. An ‘undocumented immigrant’ is someone who is residing in the country without legal documentation. This includes people who: entered the U.S. without inspection, overstayed their legal status, have and do not have DACA, and those who are in the process of legalizing. Allies in our program have a strong commitment to supporting undocumented people--be this a close friend, partner, co-worker, or family member.  To learn more about who is included in the term “undocumented,” please review Immigrant Rising’s Defining Undocumented 

Our Services

We provide a wide range of educational and personal services meant to support the needs of our students, inside and outside the classroom. Here is a list of what we offer:  

Academic Guidance

  • Academic, career, and personal counseling  
  • Educational and career planning, transfer guidance, and scholarship search   
  • Educational and personal growth workshops   
  • Linked courses designed for undocumented students  

Immigration Legal Services

  • Free and confidential legal consultations with an accredited immigration lawyer   
  • Immigration related workshops (ex: Know Your Rights, Legal Updates, Traveling While Undocumented)  
  • Financial support for immigration legal fees – such as DACA renewals (available while supplies last). 

Financial Assistance   

  • Assistance with the California Dream Act (financial aid) application  
  • Access to a Financial Aid Specialist   
  • Information about emergency grants, scholarships, and other financial resources  
  • Textbook loans

Additional Support 

  • AB540/SB68 Filling Assistance   
  • Peer mentoring  
  • Friendships with other undocumented students   
  • Educational field trips  
  • Graphic calculator loans  
  • Social Worker case management referrals   
  • Healthcare referrals to medical services that are free or low cost  
  • Access to a study space, computer lab, and free printing   
  • Free school supplies



Our team takes confidentiality seriously. When a student shares information with us, that stays between us and the student. We do this to protect our students, and to abide by federal and state laws that require the safe keeping of educational records. This means that we do not share our students’ immigration status nor their personally identifiable information (e.g., Mt. SAC ID numbers, home address, phone numbers, etc.) with third parties (e.g., extended family, non-profits, government agencies, etc.). 

For more information about federal and state laws that protect student data, please read Immigrant Rising’s Protecting Student Data in California. 

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DREAM Program 

8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Building 16-E
(909) 274-5596

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Program Staff and Faculty 

Name Title Email
Dario Fernandez  Program Director 
Laura Muniz Counselor/Professor 
Carmen Macias  Adjunct Counselor 
Maria Rodriguez Vargas  Adjunct Counselor 
Giovani Bautista  Educational Advisor 
Maria Ruiz Tejeda Program Specialist