Salary and Leaves Pre-Approved Courses & Workshops

Pre-Approved District Sponsored Workshops

Pursuant to the Faculty Contract Article A.6.c. the following is the 2016-17 list of pre-approved district sponsored workshops eligible for Professional Growth.

Pre-Approved Workshop List

Faculty Request for PGI Credit Form

Pre-Approved Graduate Courses

Pursuant to the Faculty Contract Article A.8.c the following is the 2016-17 list of pre-approved Graduate courses that have been pre-approved and may be used for Column Crossover credit.   (Note: Courses used for Column Crossover may not be additionally used for credit towards the Professional Growth increment.)

Pre-Approved Graduate Course List

Petition for Course Approval for Professional Growth and Column Crossover

The Salary and Leaves Committee is in the process of creating separate Petitions for Professional Growth increment and Column Crossover. Faculty will be notified, via email, when these forms are posted. Until such time you may continue to use the following Petition for Course Approval.

Petition for Course Approval


  • For questions related to the Professional Growth Increment, please contact Faculty Association President Eric Kaljumagi, x4531.
  • For questions related to Salary and Leaves approval of courses or workshops for the Professional Growth or Column Crossover , please contact the Office of the Vice President of Instruction at x5414.