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Mt. SAC Emergency Alert

Alert: Mt. SAC has Transitioned to Online Classes and Services (see Learn more about our COVID-19 response at

Summer hours alert. call us or email us. we are still here for you. 
Student services will continue to be available to assist you this summer session on 
Mondays-Thursdays from June 15 - August 14
one summer, two great options. summer bridge program, step program

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Summer Programs
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Health Alert
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Access Center
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Next Food Pantry is May 14

Next Food Pantry is May 14
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Mental Health
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Student Services

Dear Mounties,

Many things have changed about the way we are doing business at Mt. SAC due to COVID-19.  What hasn’t changed is our commitment to you – to assist you in making progress toward your educational goals and to provide you with support services and assistance.  The campus remains physically closed, but we are all available to continue to assist you.  That means you may need to call in, email, or obtain information from our web pages.  BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR PORTAL SEVERAL TIMES A DAY.

  • Be certain to stay in touch with each of your instructors. 
  • Short on food? We are here to help.  Read more about Mt. SAC’s Food Pantry and other community resources. 
  • Need help with Canvas? Check out our Canvasadors on instagram icon or twitter icon More tips on: Distance Learning
  • Need a laptop and/or Wi-Fi access? Check your portal announcements during the first week of June for information on how to submit a request for our Summer Laptop Loans Program.  
  • There are also Reduced Cost and Free Internet Access Options widely available and listed by the state Chancellor’s Office.

Most importantly, continue to take precautions.  Call our Health Center (909) 274-4400 if you have any symptoms and we can assist you.  Take good care of yourself.  And don’t give up hope!  Your resiliency will get you through this and we are here to help!  Be sure to call on us if there is anything that we can do.

 The Mt. SAC Student Services Team
Your Success, Our Passion

   Student Services Directory                                
 Student Services Directory                           
    (During Stay-at-Home Order)                         

Frequently Asked Questions


    • How does Pass/No Pass work?
      • Students can change their “grading option” from receiving a letter grade of A, B, C, D, to a “Pass” or “No Pass” option for certain classes.  A “P” or “Pass” is equivalent to earning an A, B, or C letter grade.  A “NP” or “No Pass” is equivalent to earning a D or F.  If selected, P or NP marks will appear on the student’s transcript instead of a letter grade.  Mt. SAC, like many other colleges, is making this grading option available to students especially due to the unusual circumstances students are facing this Spring semester by moving all classes to being taught in a remote/online format.
      • Neither “P” nor “NP” grades are used in computation of grade point average such that a P doesn’t help to raise a student’s GPA and a NP doesn’t lower a student’s GPA. 
      • Students will earn units for A, B, C, D and P grades. For clarification, a “D” grade is considered an unsatisfactory grade, but students still earn units for courses completed with a “D” grade.  Students will not earn any unit credit for F and NP grades.  
      • For Mt. SAC, all prerequisite courses must be completed with a minimum grade of “C” or “P” grade. Mt. SAC requires a minimum grade of “C” or “P” to satisfy major course requirements. 
      • Students should discuss the P/NP grading options with a counselor to make sure they are making the best decision based on their major and transfer goals.  To make an appointment call (909) 274-4380, or see here for Online Counseling (email or video counseling).
    • How do I access support services?
      • Mt. SAC has many support services available – if you know the specific program you are looking for, click here
      • If you want to speak with a counselor, click here
      • If you want to learn about all of the various support programs and resources during the campus closure, click here
    • Can I still apply for financial aid?
      • YES! Help is available here. To begin, go to the FAFSA website, set up your “FSA ID” and then begin entering your information.  When you need help, call (909) 247-4450.
    • How do I get tutoring help?


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