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Group photo taken at a previous Young Professional Engineers Forum.

Young Professional Engineers Forum

A group picture of student participants in a previously held Young Professional Engineers Forum. Professor Martin Mason is in the background.

Robotics team winning excellence award at CSUN VEX U tournament.

Robotics Team @ CSUN 2018

A group photo of all the members of the robotics who participated in the CSUN VEX U tournament in 2019.

Rocket team's dual-stage KNSB M-class motor rocket traveled 10k feet.

Rocket Team Members@ Friends Of Amateur Launch Site

The rocket team standing in front of their dual-stage experimental KNSB M-class motor rocket for the 2019 FAR competition.

Rocket Team Members@ Friends Of Amateur Launch Site

Engineering, Engineering Technology, and Surveying Program


The Department of Physics and Engineering offers a complete two-year transfer program in Engineering; with course in Statics, Dynamics, Electrical Engineering, Programming, Engineering Graphics, Surveying and Materials. 

In Fall 2021, we plan on offering 12 certificates and 5 associate degrees in Engineering Technology that are designed to help current students enter the job market while enrolled in school.  Our nationally recognized robotics and rocket teams are a co-curricular component of our engineering program in which students have the opportunity to put their coursework into practice.  Our Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers student chapter, Society of Women Engineers student chapter and undergraduate engineering research projects all provide opportunities for students to network, engage professionals and participate in research.  We have a close partnership and shared border with Cal Poly Pomona and are located in the heart of the culturally diverse San Gabriel Valley.



  • Our Professors

    • Eugene Mahmoud
      Instructor and co-char
    • Martin Mason
      Instructor and co-chair
    • Malcolm Rickard

    Engineering, Engineering Technology, and Surveying Program

    8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
    Building 7 & 11
    (909) 274-7500